Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Killing Dead People?

Long Day yesterday...

Warm up: Berg w/u, snatch balance with #45, OHS with #45.

Str: snatch grip dead lift 3, muscle snatch 3, hang power snatch 3, snatch balance 3. Go heavy.

Skill: Max Set HSPU x 2

WOD: Helen

Run 400m
21 kbs
12 pull up

When the wod is over feel free to cry, yell at someone, swear aloud or demean someone. Shut it?! Is it possible to Kill a Dead Person?

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Sam said...

I really wish I could've done this one. Maybe a good one for my 30th bday?! The "Dirty 30?"

versussuccessstories said...

Hell yeah man! Its whatever you call it, because its your day.

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