Thursday, December 24, 2015

Year end review 2015

I started my day by coaching our 5 AM crazies!  The workout (in my opinion) was really tough.  Prowler pushes, rowing, running... ALL super tough stuff.

Now, I'm sitting on my couch with my legs propped up on my coffee table.  My dog Brody is sitting right beside me.  We are admiring the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights.  Someone told me once, "Dog's only see in black and white.”  No color vision needed to enjoy this atmosphere B-Man.

Almost every year I sit down and write a review of what took place at Versus.  Here is what happened in 2015:

2015 was an awesome year.  I will only speak to the gym/business side of things because... well... it’s the muscle palace blog!  However, Kellar and I did add one little addition to our lives... RYAN!

Versus continues to grow.  Thanks to every one of you out there, we have added almost 100 members since 2013.  We've also added barbells, weights, ropes, bikes, rowers, and some other cool stuff.  We also added new coaches, classes, and outdoor locations.  Last and certainly not least, we added a completely online nutrition program with Versus Clean Kitchen.

None of this would be possible without the most important addition: People.  Versus indoor and outdoor is packed with awesome members.  Our business is healthy and strong!

-I am beyond humbled.-  I cannot say thank you enough to each and every one of you.  I hope we provide a service that you are proud to be a part of and are happy to pay for.    

People are awesome!  I have learned so much from every single person involved with Versus.  I know that I haven't met each and every one of you, but I've still learned something from you.  What have I learned?  I've learned our little community fights to keep Mississippi from being "the fattest state in the nation".  I've learned small groups of like-minded people really can cultivate change.  I've learned there is no limit unless you create it.

  • Can we make Hattiesburg the fittest city in the state?  Yes.
  • Can we change minds and make exercise as automatic as brushing your teeth?  Yes.
  • Can we help thousands of people become healthy, fit and well?  Yes.

I've learned a "gym" that started as a free boot camp at Wesley Hospital has no limits.  In my opinion, we have transcended the term gym.  Thanks to all of you out there we truly are #notjustagym.

If you are reading this, I want you to be part of our little community.  You might think, "I can't do all that stuff."  Don't let that train of thought keep you on the couch.  We will meet you where you are!  Let’s be honest with one another.   I don't think there's a single one of our clients who comes to Versus perfect.  Some are in bad health, some have preexisting injuries, or have a unique situation or set of circumstances.

Ahhhhhh, perfection... Life doesn't work that way does it?  We all have our "stuff".

Versus Strength and Conditioning is here for the not so perfect.  We don't ask you to get all of your stuff sorted out before you come.  Because the truth is, there will always be new stuff when the old stuff is sorted.  We want to help!

Rather, we help you get in shape even when the conditions aren't perfect.
If you are sitting on your couch waiting for life to be juuuuuusst right... well... Trust me, you will always be waiting.  Conditions will never be perfect. 

So what do you do?  Get off of your couch, come try a class for free and take the first step to getting your health back.  Versus Indoor, Outdoor and Boot Camp are gearing up for the New Year.  Put your "stuff" aside and sign up!  Or you can stay on your couch and wait for things to get "perfect".