Thursday, February 27, 2014

Many Reasons

During our most recent 6 week challenge we had a client lose 18lbs.  I can hear some of the negative comments now, "A lot of that is water weight.  That's too much to fast." Etc etc.  The blood work and doctors disagree with all the negatives.  

Ask yourself this, do all these negative comments always come up when you want to try something new?  Do you try to find reasons why you shouldn't do something good for your health?

I do.  I find reasons why I shouldn't do things all the time.  Usually what I do is try and take a step back, try not to analyze every angle and focus on ACTION.  Action is way more powerful than sitting back and knocking holes in every opportunity coming your way.  

Our next 6 week boot camp starts March the 18th.  We will have a location in Hattiesburg and in Petal.  The burg camp will meet in the morning at 6am and Petal will meet at 5:15-5:20pm.  Stop coming up with many reasons why you shouldn't and find one reason why you should.  Don't be afraid to act.