Friday, January 25, 2013


Are you Committed?


At some place along your fitness journey, friends, family, coworkers, television, the doctor will all tell you what you are doing is wrong.

"A low carb diet will stress your body too much and you won't lose weight.  I read it on the internet."

"High carb is for runners and you aren't running enough.  I heard it on the radio yesterday."

"You know if you just walk for an hour a day you'll lose weight.  I saw that on the headline of Oprah's Magazine."

"Why do you go to the gym all the time if all it does is make you sore?  I can get sore doing an exercise tape in my garage."

You have all heard these comments.  These comments might actually be coming from a place of concern or even a place of love.  The person who is telling you this might actually have your best intentions at heart.  But guys and gals we all have to agree that if you listen to all of the stories, data, reports, out there... you will get nowhere.  You will get nowhere because you will spend too much time starting over on new things instead of plowing ahead.  At Versus we read the data, we read the articles, we read and listen to the stories so you don't have to.  We don't want you to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  We want you to put on your blinders, hitch up the the fitness wagon and pull that sucker to California.  You've taken the first step by joining our community... now comes the second step: Commitment.  The video below is the ultimate display of commitment.  To me, a commitment is a promise.  I want to reassure you as clients, we are committed to you as trainers.

Ask yourself this: Could you do this? Is your life really "that" hard? Are you giving excuses to get you out of a little discomfort?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sometimes the most important victories are for yourself.

Leg training is that for me.

#5KneeSurgeries #RupturedDiscs #StillFindAWay

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I AM Versus rules and regulations

Congrats on signing up for the I am Versus Challenge.  I can promise you the next 6 weeks will be challenging but very rewarding.

Here is how The I am VSC point system will work:

1. Test Bench Mark Workout on January 26th (See how you improve over the 6 weeks)

2. Completion of Weekly Emailed Homework Assignments (Worth 5points per homework assignment)

3. Emailing or Meeting with you coach to show Nutritional Log (Worth 0 pnts if no show, 2pnts for showing, 5pnts for a "clean" book.

4.  Saturday workouts (worth 5points)

At the end of the 6 weeks we will have an Overall Team Points Winner.  So, if you don't have a clean nutritional log, don't show up for Saturday workouts and don't do your email homework... You will hurt your team.

-Speaking of Teams, here they are:

Team Steve
1. Charles Arinder
2. Meagan Fry
3. Amy Miller
4. John Harrington
5. Josh Moore
6. Terri Bell
7. Dan O'brien
8. Kristen Nooe
9. Anna Gaston
10. Shawn Dube

Team Mike

1.  Jennifer Ryals
2.  Christa Cauldwell
3.  Rebecca floyd
4.  Sean dearman
5.  Hedge
6.  Gunns
7.  Tyler ladd
8.  Becky ladd
9.  Jason hargrove
10. Wendy lovelace

Team Jamie

1. Suzannah
2. Jennifer robertson
3. Bethanie difatta
4. Jenny Boudreaux
5. Brad Boudreaux
6. Mandy Strickland
7. Bobby Moore
8. Grace Kent
9. Clay
10. Cissy

Get ready to check your email inbox for your first email from your coach with your first homework assignment!  Last thing: our first Saturday workout worth points will be on February 9th.

Dates You Need to Know:

Sunday, January 20th: Registration closes
Saturday, January 26th: Benchmark Workout
Monday, January 28th : Challenge T-Shirt Size Deadline
Tuesday, January 29th: Make Up Workout
Saturday, February 16th: Skills Workshop
Saturday, March 2th: Finale Workout

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Coach Jamie has a new blog:  Make sure you check it out!

Did you know that Coach Micheal is preparing himself and the Versus Endurance Class for a 50k trail run?  check out his blog here

Versus will host a guys night out this Saturday night to watch the upcoming UFC fight.  If you are interested, mark it down on your calendar:  Buffalo Wild Wings at 7:30pm until!  Come hang out!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nutrtion Info For All Our New Boot Campers


How to get Lean in 2013

I couldn't resist a good rhyme!  Sorry, I know its cheesy...  I digress.  Lets talk about some nutrition:

Here is our Basic Boot Camp Break Down-

  1. Lean Meats- Chicken, Steak, Pork, Venison, Lean Ground Beef, Fish, Fowl.
  2. Veggies- Anything goes in the veggie department!  Here are just a few that I use: lettuce, spinach, collard greens, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, celery, sweet potatoes and olives.
  3. Fruit-  During our 6 week boot camp only eat fruit sparingly. 1 piece a day should be your goal.
  4. Nuts and Seeds- Again watch out for these guys because they are loaded in calories.  Eat them sparingly!
  5.  NO SUGAR!  Sugar is toxic to the body and will slow weight loss dramatically.  
  6. If its white... IT AIN'T RIGHT!  No rice, no white potatoes, no bread, no pasta, no cereal, and noooooo junk food! 
 Make sure you read the inside of your little black book.  It has tons of good information in there!  I will leave you with a shopping list!

meat, poultry and fish
Extra Lean Ground Sirloin (3 x 1lb packages) Boneless Chicken Breasts (2 x 1lb packages) Mild Turkey Sausage
Salmon (2 large filets)
Omega-3 Eggs (2 dozen)
Egg Whites

fruit Apples (12)
Tangerines (6)
Red Grapes (large bunch)
Pineapple (2 cut and cored fresh pineapples) Strawberries (2 cartons)
Blueberries (2 cartons)
Spinach (4 bags, 6oz each)
Red, Yellow, and Green Peppers (8) Cucumbers (2)
Tomatoes (2) 
Baby Carrots

sauces and condiments
Pesto (one jar of basil pesto, one jar of sun-dried tomato pesto) Peanut Satay Sauce (1 bottle)
Curry Sauce (1 bottle)
Tomato Pasta Sauce (2 large jars)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 bottle) Raspberry Vinegar (1 bottle)
Red Wine Vinegar (1 bottle)
Balsamic Vinegar (1 bottle)
beverages Water (1 large Brita filtered jug)  
so, what on my list?
Soft drinks, fruit juices and milk
High fat and sugar salad dressings and other condiments 
Processed breads
Highly processed, pre-packaged foods

Recipe ideas to come!  Gotta eat lean to be lean! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I AM VERSUS Challenge Details

The Details:

6 Week Challenge:
Open to 40 athletes (current clients at Versus Indoor and Outdoor.)
Cost: $50 a person
Kick Off & Benchmark Location: Versus Gym in Oak Grove
Scaled to ALL LEVELS of Fitness – no experience necessary!

The Challenge Includes

Benchmark Workouts
Weekly Workouts
Weekly  Food Log Review
Nutrition Seminar
A Versus Coach to keep you accountable to your goals
  Workouts with your team/coach
1 skills workshop
A Challenge T-Shirt

Dates You Need to Know:

Sunday, January 20th: Registration closes
Saturday, January 26th: Benchmark Workout
Monday, January 28th : Challenge T-Shirt Size Deadline
Tuesday, January 29th: Make Up Workout
Saturday, February 16th: Skills Workshop
Saturday, March 2th: Finale Workout

Challenge FAQs:

What are the additional (at home) workouts like?
The workouts will focus on strength, endurance, met con and body weight resistance WODs. These are scalable to all levels.
What if I already train 5 days a week, is this challenge for me?
That depends – do you want to reach your goals FASTER? Then, YES!
How do I know which workouts to take on?
Your assigned coach will help you through all workout questions
I can’t make the benchmark day, can I still take on the challenge?
YES! We have a scheduled make-up benchmark date. If you cannot make the make-up benchmark date your I Am Versus coach will schedule a time with you.
I just started Versus, can I take this challenge on?
Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Athletes of all levels take on this challenge and everyone gets results.

Sign up at Versus or through your Versus Coach.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why sign up for the "I am Versus Challenge?"


From Coach Jeri Krebs

I always knew I had a competitive streak but Versus has opened my eyes to a completely different side that I didn't realize existed. Many of our workouts turn into a competition. Whether it's with your class or the gym as a whole, we write or score the workouts on the whiteboard.  Anyone can see it. We find our max in various movements and use that number as a basis to workout with until we do it again.  I like that!  I like a challenge!  I like seeing results!

I am a numbers and goals kind of person.  When I first heard about the very first "Palace Pageant Challenge", I was hesitant about signing up.  I wanted to make sure it was fair and also confirm there would be no swimsuits involved (ha ha).  Once I realized there were 3 parts and all were based on a percentage of improvement, I knew I had to do it!  I now had 3 different opportunities to see improvement (1) workout/retest, (2) weight loss, and (3) strength.

We were assigned a black book to record nutrition and we had to bring it with us every time we came to the gym.  Coach Michael and Coach Steve checked it and suggested changes to our diets where needed.  I didn't think I could win the weight loss portion, but I knew my black book had to be loaded with healthy foods so I could perform at my best.

So, I knew I wasn't winning the weight loss portion, but I thought I had an outside shot at the workout portion or strength improvement.  I pushed really hard each workout and didn't miss one class.  However, one day a light bulb went off: I knew the competition was stiff and I could see everyone was giving it all they had in that one hour class, but what were they doing outside of the gym?  How clean were they eating?  Did they slack off on the weekends?  Maybe I could win the weight loss!  I wasn't technically overweight, but I was overweight for my liking and if it were based on a percentage I would be more disciplined than I ever was to get results.  Remember, this was an 8 week challenge people!  I couldn't afford one cheat meal, so I.did.not.cheat! No ice cream, no bread, no more mini bites of "this or that" and as many vegetables and lean meat as I could find!  I've never been one to drink my calories because it's always seemed like such a waste, but I can tell you I'm pretty sure I drank my weight in water each day.  Each time nutrition was discussed, I was listening.  If a workout was suggested, I did it.  If someone else in the challenge was staying later or arriving early to practice form or technique, it encouraged me to do so as well.  The challenge was just what I needed for accountability, motivation, and results.  I lost 14lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2. I genuinely was shocked when I saw the scale.  I remember Steve looking at the scale and then back at my starting weight in disbelief!!

Needless to say when the I AM Versus Challenge rolled around, I was waiting to be in the first 30 people that signed up. I needed something to motivate me.  I wanted more results!  In my opinion, the extra accountability, the extra push, the strict nutrition guidelines, the RESULTS never would have happened without the challenge.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Purvis Boot Camp Details

Purvis Boot Camp

Our very first Purvis Boot Camp is fast approaching.  We have people signing up already so we want to provide you with all the details:

When is it?   Start Date is Monday January 14th at 5:30pm

Where is it?  Purvis Lower Elementary.  Our alternate location will be the Votech Center

What to bring?  Water, a yoga mat for situps, a towel if you want one, and an awesome attitude!

We want everyone interested and folks that have signed up already to come to a Free Workout this Saturday the 12th at 9am or 10am at Versus Strength and Conditioning gym.  The gym is located at 48 Liberty Place across HWY 98 from lake serene grocery.

You get to meet your coach, get a free workout and also get some free nutrition advice!  We want all of you there!  Make a change not an excuse!
48 Liberty Pl #3, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Take 2013 by storm!


The "I AM VERSUS" challenge will kick off January 21st.

I am Versus from Sam McAlister