Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Break the pattern

Before I went to bed on Sunday night I set my alarm, hopped in the bed and began to think of some of the things that I needed to do tomorrow.  The list that I make is sort of like a "list of promises" I'm trying to keep.

One thing is, I want to wake up every morning and make a protein shake to have as my mid morning meal.  I set my alarm early enough to make the shake, but I hit the snooze button.  5min of sleep is just too tempting.

5min later...  I hit it again.

Finally I get up, rush to find my keys, wallet and watch and head out the door just in time to make it to work.

-Without my protein shake in tow.

I feel guilty.  I didn't do the first thing I set out to do.  I have a negative outlook on the rest of the day because I didn't accomplish the first thing I set out to do that day.  A chain reaction also ensues and I'm not motivated to get other small things done.

Yeah.  I know what you are thinking.  A protein shake is a small thing.  You are right.  It is.  But if I let myself down, over time it gets easier to let other people down.  I start letting small things go left and right.

I keep telling myself, "I'll call him back in 5min, I'll pick up that birthday card tomorrow, I'll workout some other day."

You can see how one little thing turns into a chain reaction of lots of little things.

Now the same is also true in the other direction.  If I begin my day with an accomplishment it is a lot easier to convince myself to do other small things.  Small things add up... ask the guys who build the pyramids.

Break the pattern by setting up your day for success.  You will feel so much better starting the day off with success instead of failure.

*What can help you accomplish your small goals?  Remove your distractions, prepare ahead of time and keep promises to yourself.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Job Andee!

Andee Kelly
I wanted to give a shout out to Andee.  She is a client in one of my evening classes.   Recently Andee decided to really buckle down and focus on losing a stubborn 10lbs.  Well, she has been working hard from early July to October 21st.    The stubborn 10lbs is now gone and she added an extra 8lbs to boot.   A total of 18 lbs of weight loss!

Awesome job Andee!! I asked here what her keys to success were and she said,

"My Mom and Stevo are definitely my motivation! I couldn't have done this without them! I think what made the biggest difference was my consistency in the gym.  Being sooo out of shape was a motivator as well.  I wanted to get in better shape."

Congrats Andee! Keep up the hard work! If you want to workout along side some motivated folks come give us a try! We have openings in all of our classes!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You gotta hooooollllddd on!

How  do you hang on to muscle mass but also cut fat?

Muscle is something 99% of the population work their butts off to get.  Once you get it you don't want to lose it.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain muscle while still losing fat!

1. Sprint!  Sprinting allows you to get some cardio in but also activates type 2 muscle fibers.  Ever seen a skinny sprinter?

2.  Lift weights!  Duh!  The more muscle you have, the more fat/calories your body will burn.  So if Steve has 100lbs of muscle and Sam has 50lbs of muscle and they both sit on the couch and watch tv for 1 week and eat and drink exactly the same thing... Steve will lose more fat. 

3.  Add in some (30-90min) of very low intensity cardio once to twice per week.  Be careful not to make this too intense.  If you have to breath out of your mouth while performing this type of cardio, you are going too hard.  If you go hard all the time the ugly hormone cortisol will rear its ugly head.  We don't want that.

So, sprint, lift some heavy stuff and add in some easy cardio!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yeah... I'm perfect. What about it?

Ricky Bobby says, "I wake up every morning and pee excellence."  It must be a hard job but someone has to do it.  I completely feel the same way.  Don't you?

-Yeah right

Lets be honest with one another.   I don't think there's a single one of our clients who comes to Versus perfect.  Some are in bad health, some have preexisting injuries, or have a unique situation or set of circumstances.

Perfection... Life doesn't doesn't work out that way does it?  We all have our "stuff".

Versus Strength and Conditioning is here for the not so perfect.  We don't ask you to get all of your stuff sorted out before you come.  Because the truth is, there will always be new stuff when the old stuff is sorted.

Rather, we help you get in shape even when the conditions aren't perfect.

If you are sitting on your couch waiting for life to be juuuuuusst right... well... you will always be waiting.  Conditions will never be perfect.  

So what do you do?  Get off of your couch, come try a class for free and take the first step to getting your health back.  Versus Outdoor Boot Camps start August 27th.  Put your "stuff" aside and sign up!  Or you can stay on your couch and wait for things to get "perfect".

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Corrective Exercises

The office Rambo!

Kellar and I went on our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  Cabo was an amazing little city with a very cool harbor and what I called a "New Orleans" feel.  I got the New Orleans feel because we walked everywhere, there were street performers out and about and awesome restaurants seemed to pop out the city scape.

One of these said restaurants was "The Office."  Amazing food and amazing atmosphere.  I highly recommend The Office if you are ever in Cabo.  Besides the amazing food and the amazing atmosphere, there was one more little thing that made The Office super awesome....  The Office Rambo (pictured above).

This dude was epic.  End of story.

We learned many things on hour 4 hour journey with The Office Rambo.  What tequila to shoot/drink, He charged 5$ for a photograph, the leather belts that ran across his chest held shot glasses and not bullets and finally he told us about corrective exercises.

-Yes, corrective exercises.

The Office Rambo's Top 5 Corrective Exercises:

1. Wall Slides

How To Do It

Standing with your upper back and butt against a wall, walk your feet out a couple of small steps away from the wall. Lift your arms up so that your upper arm is parallel to the ground and your lower arm is perpendicular, with the elbows and hands pressing into the wall behind you.
From the starting position, try to pull your elbows back into the wall and down and squeeze your back.  Perform 2 sets of 10 reps everyday!  These are courtesy of Eric Cressey.

2.  Super Couch Stretch

A few tips:

1. make sure you activate your  muscles as apposed to "hanging out" on the joint.
2.  on a pain scale of 1-10 make it about an 8.  You should able to tolerate the pain.
3.  If something starts to go numb... stop.
4. Perform for 90sec on each leg

3. Seated 90/90 or "The Executive"

A few tips:

1. Stay tall!
2.  Don't press down too hard.  You should feel this on the outsides of your hips and not a separating style pressure in your knees.
3.  Do this stretch for 20-30 seconds as many times as you can!  Especially if you sit in chair all day!

4. Door Way stretch or "Jack the Ripper"

To do it, find a doorway, and put your arms on both sides of the frame at roughly 90 degrees each. Make sure your upper arms stay on the doorway the entire time. Now, simply lean forward, keeping your chest high and chin up. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 min.

5. Glute Bridge 


Squeeze your butt the entire time.  Lightly touch the floor and immediately lift your hips again. Hold at the top of the movement for 2 seconds.  Do at least 3 sets of 10 reps.  Remember hold at the top!

Well there you have it folks.  The office Rambo top 5 corrective exercises.  

Take away points from this:

1. Perform these every day!  You will thank me later if you do

2.  YOU MUST make mobility and corrective exercises a part of your daily routine.  If you do not, you will be hunted down by the Office Rambo!!  But seriously, professional athletes do them all the time... why shouldn't we?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day wods


Workout time!

Workout 1

strength portion: 3rounds-  run 1 minute all out, rest 3 min walking.


Run 400m
25 Burpees
Run 400m
25 Burpees
Run 400m

Workout 2

strength portion: NONE


push up - 2 min max
rest 10 sec
squats - 2 min max
rest 10 sec
chin ups- 2 min max
rest 10 sec
sit ups - 2 min max
rest 10 sec
lunges - 2 min max
rest 10 sec
20 min run outdoors

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Try-athlon Events!

1. Ride 5min for Calories, Row 5min for Calories, 5min Run Cone Drill for Points
2. Amrap Double Unders 3min
3. Amrap 12min: 5 Pull up, 10 HR Push up, 15 Med Ball Squats
4. 3min Amrap: Burpees
5. Amrap 10min: Prowler Push 50m, 15 KBS
6. 5min to find 1RM Ground to Over Head

Format and more details will be announced Wednesday.


We will have a rolling clock.  On the count of 3-2-1 Go the clock will start and will not end until the event is over.  There are no designated rest periods between events.


Each Rep/Calories that you do in the workouts will count as points.  I know this is bush league but we may change the scoring format to:  If you win an event you get 1 point, if you finish last in an event you get 8 points.  Whomever has the lowest point total after all the events are over is the winner.  We are still crunching numbers to see which system will make the event more FUN!


Event 1-  Three 5min Amraps:  Ride 5min, Row 5min and Run Cone Drill for 5min.
You will start on the Bike and complete all 5min on the bike before moving on to the Row.  You may switch as many times as you would like during your 5min on the Bike.  When the clock hits 5min you may transition to the Rower.  You can have teammate 1 sitting on the rower with feet strapped in ready to go while teammate 2 is finishing the Bike AMRAP.  This format stays the same for all of Event 1.  Only one person may work at a time (it would be cool to see two of you try to row at the same time). 

Event 2- Amrap Double Unders in 3min
As soon as the clock hits 15min you may begin the double unders.  Only double unders will be counted.  You may switch as much as you would like during the 3min.  Only one person working at at a time.

Event 3- Amrap 12min- 5 pull up, 10 HR push up, 15 med ball squats
As soon as the clock hits 18min you may begin Event 3.  Teammate 1 must complete and entire round before he or she can tag teammate 2.

 Kipping pull ups, butterfly pulls and dead hang pull ups are allowed.  Jumping pull ups, banded pull ups and ring row are allowed for Fun Division competitors.  Chin must be visibly above the bar.  Arms must be fully locked out at the bottom.  All judges will be told this "If it is close, it does not count." 

Hand Release Push Ups:  CHEST must make contact with floor and hands must leave the ground.  Perform push up any way possible and make sure to show lock out of elbows.  Remember, if it is close it does not count.

Medball Squats-  A med ball will be used to assure you are going to correct depth.  If you attempt to bounce off the ball you will be handed a 53lb kettle bell that you must hold during your squats for the rest of the event.  You must fully lock the hips and knees out at the top of the movement and lightly tap the med ball at the bottom of the movement.  If it is close it does not count!

Event 4- 3 min Amrap Burpees
As soon as the clock hits 30min you may begin Burpees.  Your Chest must make contact with the floor.  Thighs and belly are not the chest!  Hands must be clapped behind the head and you must be fully vertical at the top of your jump!

Event 5-  10 min Amrap Prowler push and KBS
At  33min you may begin.  The prowler will be loaded with 120lbs of weight for males and 30lbs of weight for females.  The distance is roughly 50m... yeah... roughly.  Males will use a 53lb Kb and women a 35lb Kb.  The Kb must be over shoulder height for the swing to count.  If it is close it does not count!  The prowler stands in your way of scoring points with your KB!  Teammate 1 will push prowler 50m and then immediately perform 15 KBS.  Teammate 2 may begin his or her prowler push as soon as Teammate 1 completes the 15th KBS.  Remember only KBS count toward your score!

Event 6 - 1RM from ground to over head

At 43min you may begin Event 6.  You may have weights set out ahead of time but you may not put any weights on your bar.  Only one person may work at a time.  Your highest lift is counted.  Teammate 1 and Teammate 2's lifts will be added together for a total score.  Oh, you must show complete lock out and control and listen for your judge to say "good lift", "down" or any verbal command for you to drop the weight.

Cut me some slack if I misspelled anything or if I left out words or whatever.  Its waaaay past my bedtime.  Also, there is rain and lightening in the forecast for saturday.  if it rains we are still a go for all events.  If we have lightening at all we will cancel event 5 and replace it a mystery event!  Yay for surprises.  Lastly, we do these events for fun.  Come with a great attitude ready to have fun and compete!  Our judges might make a bad call here and there and that is to be expected.  If you make every rep perfect, we will make every call perfect..... No one is perfect so just keep working hard!! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Try-Athlon Events

These are just the Events.  Nothing more, nothing less.

1. Ride 5min for Calories, Row 5min for Calories, 5min Run Cone Drill for Points
2. Amrap Double Unders 3min
3. Amrap 12min: 5 Pull up, 10 HR Push up, 15 Med Ball Squats
4. 3min Amrap: Burpees
5. Amrap 10min: Prowler Push 50m, 15 KBS
6. 5min to find 1RM Ground to Over Head

Format and more details will be announced Wednesday.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Versus Try-Athlon

Versus Strength and Conditioning is kicking off Spring with an AWESOME EVENT!  Athletes and fit folks from across our community will pair up in teams of 2 to have the opportunity to battle it out in this fun, challenging competition. All events will feature workouts that encompass what being a Versus Athlete is all about—Power, Speed, Endurance!

VERSUS TRYathlon Details:

WHEN?    May 11TH from 9am-11am
WHERE?  Versus Gym
COST?      $40 per team

We only have spots for 12 teams!  Sign Up starts Wednesday April 24th!  Sign up with your Coach Asap!

*All movements may be scaled to your ability


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ripped Like Rambo the Supplement Edition

Wanna Get Yoked Up out Yo Mind?

Of course you do...

This particular blog post is a follow up from my last blog post Ripped Like Rambo .  Check it out first to get caught up to speed.

If you are a Jedi Master at applying the Plus 1 rule, Use Big Movers and Hardcore body weight exercises and Practice Consistency and Intensity recommendations.... CHEERS TO YOU!  You my friend are ahead of the game.  So what else can you do to improve your quest for rippedness???

Now pay attention... Because what I am about to say here is crucial for any type of success in performance, body composition, or life.  Yes, I said life because its that serious....

Rule numero uno for getting ripped:  Nutrition/clean eating.

Rule number 2 for getting ripped:  Nutrition/clean eating.

Rule number 3 for getting ripped: Everything else.


If you do not have your nutrition squared away it will be very hard to see results.  If you have any questions about proper nutrition feel free to email me at

I will gladly answer some questions for you.  Oh, and any coach at Versus is more than equipped to help you with any questions.

Anything else I can add?

Yes!  Supplements!  I am hesitant to address supplements because I know how our society works.  Folks, lets be honest.  We are always looking a quick fix.  We are always looking for the fastest, easiest, or dare I say laziest way to go about earning our fitness... "Hey do you have a pill I can take so  I can lose 50lbs in 2 weeks."

Sorry Charlie.  Homie don't play that.

Before you rely solely on supplementation of any kind, please remember you must have your nutrition squared away!!!

Here is a basic list of my CYA Supplements:

1. Multi Vitamin-  Ask any Doctor anywhere, "Should I be taking a multi vitamin?"  99.9% of them will say yes.  No I haven't polled 1.5million doctors and I don't have empirical data, but use your noggin and take a multi vitamin.  Also, the CDC released a study (the data is 6 years old) citing Americans are doing pretty dang good on the vitamin front!  GOOOO USA!

2.  Fish Oil-  I had an ER doctor tell me once... "Steve, eat fish oil like its candy."  Fish Oil has many many benefits.  Check out this FISH OIL blog post to edu-mah-cate yo'self.

3.  Protein Powder-  There are 1.8 billion different types of protein powder out in consumer land.  So which one should you buy?  Good question!  What are your goals, when are you planning on taking it, are you lactose intolerant, are you gluten intolerant, are you from planet crypton?  If you answered yes to the last question... you're silly.

I'll do a entire post dedicated to protein powder but for now just focus on this:

Low Sugar, Low Carb and first ingredient needs to be "whey protein isolate", thats if you don't have any allergy problems with whey.  MORE ON THIS LATER.

Now Here is a List of my Ripped Like Rambo Supplements:

1.  Anabolic Steroids ( I kid.  I kid.)  I did have a professor in college tell me once, "Steve, anything that is banned or outlawed works.  Its creates and unfair advantage for the athlete.  Its outlawed because it WORKS"

The REAL Number 1.  Multi Vitamin- yup again.

2.  Fish Oil- yup again.

3. Protein Powder- More to come

4.  Pre/During Workout Drink- Basically a combination of Protein and Fast acting carbs.  If weight loss and muscle gain is your goal, check out BCAA supplementation instead.

5.  Creatine Monohydrate-  Creatine is one of the most widely researched supplements out there.  Google it and find out!  However,  I tend to stay away from all the fancy versions of creatine because there isn't enough science out there to support the "newness" or the higher price tag.  So, I stick with regular old creatine by PRO LAB.  If you turn the bottle around it has only one ingredient and that makes me happy inside.  I could write about this all day, so I will dedicate more time to creatine in the  Protein Powder Blog post.

So here are some key take aways:

1.  Get your nutrition in order
2.  Get your nutrition in order
3.  Take a multi vitamin, fish oil and protein powder to CYA
4.  Add in some creatine and a pre/during workout drink!

As always, you need to check with your doctor before starting anything new.  But do you think Rambo checked with a doctor before putting on his boots and kicking terrorist butt?


But seriously ask your doctor about any of the above info for his or her approval.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

iam VSC Challenge results

On January 26th, 10 people were selected to be on “Team Steve” and compete against two other teams in a 6 week nutrition and performance point based challenge. Each week to earn points, team members had to complete and turn in extra homework assignments, keep a food journal, and complete Saturday Team workouts. If you did not complete a homework, missed a team workout, had mess up in the food journal or did not turn in anything, there were point deductions. To kick start the challenge we had a benchmark workout which we retested at the end. A point system was based off of how much weight you used in the benchmark and if you went up in weight for the retest, improved your time, or both. Combining all points from the 6 weeks, the team with the most points after the final workout was the winner!

All of my team did amazing! Everyone improved mile times, lost some serious weight and crushed the retest of the bench mark workout with heavier weight and new PRs! I was so proud to coach a fantastic group! Here are their fantastic end of challenge stats!


beginning mile time was 7:22
ending mile time was: 7:16

Cut a minute off time from the Final Workout and also used a heavier weight for the Final Workout!

Josh Moore-

My major accomplishment is I was able to run my fastest ever mile at 7:29 at 270 pounds. That was a minute improvement.

Beginning mile time 8:30 min mile
Ending mile time 7:29 min mile

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Abs Abs Abs

Here is a nice little article on developing abs: Click Here

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you want to get Ripped like Rambo?

 How do you build lean muscle mass?  We all want to know this.  Here are few quick, easy and straight forward tips that you can add to your routine.  You will see results immediately if you follow this simple advice.  Ditch the crazy drop sets, negatives, complicated rep schemes etc and get ready to grow.

1.  To build lean muscle mass you need to get stronger.

If you go to the gym and continue to lift the same set of dumbbells you always lift, you will never get stronger.  Your body adapts to stimulus that you apply to it.  If you want to build muscle you MUST apply new stimulus and force your body to adapt to new stress and stimulus.  How?  Simple.  I call it the "Plus 1 Rule".  

If you lifted 100lbs ten times last week, try and lift 105lbs eleven times this week.  Maybe 105lbs is too heavy and 100lbs feels just fine.  Stick with 100lbs but add more reps.  Always strive to add more reps and more weight over time.  Basic rule of gaining lean muscle mass!  

Take Away:  Plus 1 Rule

2.  Use multi joint movements and grandpa exercises. 

If your workout routine consist of bicep curls, tricep kick backs and calve raises... it will be very hard to add any serious amount of muscle.  However, if you replace those simple finishing movements with exercises that move multiple joints at one time... now we're talking.  I like to call these multi-joint exercises "Big Movers".  Dead Lift and its many variations, Squat and its many variations, Press and its many variations,  Pulls or Rows and its many variations are all BIG MOVERS.  A friend of mine said this one time, "What do you think will help you more in a bar fight, a 40lb dumbbell curl or a 400lb dead lift."  My response was, "Dude, did you get in a bar fight last night."  But you get what I am saying.  Big Movers recruit more muscle!
Grandpa exercises... Say what?  When my grandfather joined the military he was strong.  Why?  Because he worked in the fields all day.  Even with all the field work he told me he still found the military PT Test hard.  The "Old PT Test" circa 1946 had pull ups, burpees, push ups, situps, jump squats, and sprints!!!  So taking the advice of grandpa and using hardcore body weight exercises like pull ups, push ups (tons of variations), squats (single leg if possible), handstand push ups, dips, muscle ups, etc... will build awesome lean muscle mass!

Take Away:  BIG MOVERS and Hardcore body weight exercises with the added plus 1 rule!

3.  Consistency and Intensity

If you plan on going to the gym 3 times a MONTH... stop reading now.  Building lean muscle mass is measured in MONTHS and YEARS not days.  If you love going to the gym, hit it hard 3-4 times a week and really bust your butt... you will see results.  However, if you are the type of person that doubts your training program, switches from the latest muscle and fitness program to the 5-3-1 program, to the double reverse pyramid program and back to the westside barbell conjugate system... Dude, get ready for some setbacks.

Take Away:  Plus 1 rule, Big Movers and Hardcore body weight exercises and Consistency and Intensity

If you follow these simple rules you will get results!  So, is there anything else you can do to help speed up the process?  What about supplements?  Check back next week for what supplements I believe can push your progress to the next level.  Until then strive to be Ripped Like Rambo #RLR! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet Seneca

Before and After
I asked one of our new Boot Campers (Seneca) about her success in our January Boot Camp.  Here is what she said:

Hey! I went down a size in my jeans and I'm more aware of what I eat. I only had one cheat meal a week and was very strict with my diet. I basically only did the boot camp as my work out. I wouldn't really work out outside of it. I cut out soft drinks completely and drank at least 5 bottles of water a day. I have more energy, my clothes fit better, and the best part... I lost a total of 18 pounds in 6 weeks!

Our next round of boot camps begins March the 4th at 6:30pm at Versus Gym in oak grove.  If you sign up before March the 4th, you will receive a 20$ discount!  But seriously... I would pay full price to lose almost 20lbs in 6 weeks.

Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to be healthy?  Do you want to challenge yourself?  Do you want to make a change?  If so, send us a message or call coach Michael at 601.916.2216.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


“Wins and losses come a dime a dozen, but effort, nobody can take effort.  Because effort is between you and you. Effort aint’ got nothin’ to do with nobody else.  Because everyday is a new day, every moment is a new moment.”

We may not win, we may not end up on top and be remembered as the “best”, but NO ONE can take our effort, our journey, our mark that we leave with no regrets.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wright Brothers Flight

"...they gained the mechanical skills essential for their success by working for years in their shop with printing presses, bicycles, motors, and other machinery. Their work with bicycles in particular influenced their belief that an unstable vehicle like a flying machine could be controlled and balanced with practice."
Your goal will not fall out of the sky and into your lap.  It will not be easy.  It will require hours of practice.  You will fail at some point.  There will be points where you feel like you are unable to continue.  In those moments, how will you respond?
If there is a mountain in your way do you really think the mountain will miraculously be moved?  Or do you think you will be provided with the tools to climb the mountain?

No matter what situation you are facing right now keep in mind challenges are ahead.  You have the tools to be successful!  You never know... the miracle of Flight could be right around the corner.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Are you Committed?


At some place along your fitness journey, friends, family, coworkers, television, the doctor will all tell you what you are doing is wrong.

"A low carb diet will stress your body too much and you won't lose weight.  I read it on the internet."

"High carb is for runners and you aren't running enough.  I heard it on the radio yesterday."

"You know if you just walk for an hour a day you'll lose weight.  I saw that on the headline of Oprah's Magazine."

"Why do you go to the gym all the time if all it does is make you sore?  I can get sore doing an exercise tape in my garage."

You have all heard these comments.  These comments might actually be coming from a place of concern or even a place of love.  The person who is telling you this might actually have your best intentions at heart.  But guys and gals we all have to agree that if you listen to all of the stories, data, reports, out there... you will get nowhere.  You will get nowhere because you will spend too much time starting over on new things instead of plowing ahead.  At Versus we read the data, we read the articles, we read and listen to the stories so you don't have to.  We don't want you to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  We want you to put on your blinders, hitch up the the fitness wagon and pull that sucker to California.  You've taken the first step by joining our community... now comes the second step: Commitment.  The video below is the ultimate display of commitment.  To me, a commitment is a promise.  I want to reassure you as clients, we are committed to you as trainers.

Ask yourself this: Could you do this? Is your life really "that" hard? Are you giving excuses to get you out of a little discomfort?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sometimes the most important victories are for yourself.

Leg training is that for me.

#5KneeSurgeries #RupturedDiscs #StillFindAWay

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I AM Versus rules and regulations

Congrats on signing up for the I am Versus Challenge.  I can promise you the next 6 weeks will be challenging but very rewarding.

Here is how The I am VSC point system will work:

1. Test Bench Mark Workout on January 26th (See how you improve over the 6 weeks)

2. Completion of Weekly Emailed Homework Assignments (Worth 5points per homework assignment)

3. Emailing or Meeting with you coach to show Nutritional Log (Worth 0 pnts if no show, 2pnts for showing, 5pnts for a "clean" book.

4.  Saturday workouts (worth 5points)

At the end of the 6 weeks we will have an Overall Team Points Winner.  So, if you don't have a clean nutritional log, don't show up for Saturday workouts and don't do your email homework... You will hurt your team.

-Speaking of Teams, here they are:

Team Steve
1. Charles Arinder
2. Meagan Fry
3. Amy Miller
4. John Harrington
5. Josh Moore
6. Terri Bell
7. Dan O'brien
8. Kristen Nooe
9. Anna Gaston
10. Shawn Dube

Team Mike

1.  Jennifer Ryals
2.  Christa Cauldwell
3.  Rebecca floyd
4.  Sean dearman
5.  Hedge
6.  Gunns
7.  Tyler ladd
8.  Becky ladd
9.  Jason hargrove
10. Wendy lovelace

Team Jamie

1. Suzannah
2. Jennifer robertson
3. Bethanie difatta
4. Jenny Boudreaux
5. Brad Boudreaux
6. Mandy Strickland
7. Bobby Moore
8. Grace Kent
9. Clay
10. Cissy

Get ready to check your email inbox for your first email from your coach with your first homework assignment!  Last thing: our first Saturday workout worth points will be on February 9th.

Dates You Need to Know:

Sunday, January 20th: Registration closes
Saturday, January 26th: Benchmark Workout
Monday, January 28th : Challenge T-Shirt Size Deadline
Tuesday, January 29th: Make Up Workout
Saturday, February 16th: Skills Workshop
Saturday, March 2th: Finale Workout

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Coach Jamie has a new blog:  Make sure you check it out!

Did you know that Coach Micheal is preparing himself and the Versus Endurance Class for a 50k trail run?  check out his blog here

Versus will host a guys night out this Saturday night to watch the upcoming UFC fight.  If you are interested, mark it down on your calendar:  Buffalo Wild Wings at 7:30pm until!  Come hang out!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nutrtion Info For All Our New Boot Campers


How to get Lean in 2013

I couldn't resist a good rhyme!  Sorry, I know its cheesy...  I digress.  Lets talk about some nutrition:

Here is our Basic Boot Camp Break Down-

  1. Lean Meats- Chicken, Steak, Pork, Venison, Lean Ground Beef, Fish, Fowl.
  2. Veggies- Anything goes in the veggie department!  Here are just a few that I use: lettuce, spinach, collard greens, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, celery, sweet potatoes and olives.
  3. Fruit-  During our 6 week boot camp only eat fruit sparingly. 1 piece a day should be your goal.
  4. Nuts and Seeds- Again watch out for these guys because they are loaded in calories.  Eat them sparingly!
  5.  NO SUGAR!  Sugar is toxic to the body and will slow weight loss dramatically.  
  6. If its white... IT AIN'T RIGHT!  No rice, no white potatoes, no bread, no pasta, no cereal, and noooooo junk food! 
 Make sure you read the inside of your little black book.  It has tons of good information in there!  I will leave you with a shopping list!

meat, poultry and fish
Extra Lean Ground Sirloin (3 x 1lb packages) Boneless Chicken Breasts (2 x 1lb packages) Mild Turkey Sausage
Salmon (2 large filets)
Omega-3 Eggs (2 dozen)
Egg Whites

fruit Apples (12)
Tangerines (6)
Red Grapes (large bunch)
Pineapple (2 cut and cored fresh pineapples) Strawberries (2 cartons)
Blueberries (2 cartons)
Spinach (4 bags, 6oz each)
Red, Yellow, and Green Peppers (8) Cucumbers (2)
Tomatoes (2) 
Baby Carrots

sauces and condiments
Pesto (one jar of basil pesto, one jar of sun-dried tomato pesto) Peanut Satay Sauce (1 bottle)
Curry Sauce (1 bottle)
Tomato Pasta Sauce (2 large jars)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 bottle) Raspberry Vinegar (1 bottle)
Red Wine Vinegar (1 bottle)
Balsamic Vinegar (1 bottle)
beverages Water (1 large Brita filtered jug)  
so, what on my list?
Soft drinks, fruit juices and milk
High fat and sugar salad dressings and other condiments 
Processed breads
Highly processed, pre-packaged foods

Recipe ideas to come!  Gotta eat lean to be lean! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I AM VERSUS Challenge Details

The Details:

6 Week Challenge:
Open to 40 athletes (current clients at Versus Indoor and Outdoor.)
Cost: $50 a person
Kick Off & Benchmark Location: Versus Gym in Oak Grove
Scaled to ALL LEVELS of Fitness – no experience necessary!

The Challenge Includes

Benchmark Workouts
Weekly Workouts
Weekly  Food Log Review
Nutrition Seminar
A Versus Coach to keep you accountable to your goals
  Workouts with your team/coach
1 skills workshop
A Challenge T-Shirt

Dates You Need to Know:

Sunday, January 20th: Registration closes
Saturday, January 26th: Benchmark Workout
Monday, January 28th : Challenge T-Shirt Size Deadline
Tuesday, January 29th: Make Up Workout
Saturday, February 16th: Skills Workshop
Saturday, March 2th: Finale Workout

Challenge FAQs:

What are the additional (at home) workouts like?
The workouts will focus on strength, endurance, met con and body weight resistance WODs. These are scalable to all levels.
What if I already train 5 days a week, is this challenge for me?
That depends – do you want to reach your goals FASTER? Then, YES!
How do I know which workouts to take on?
Your assigned coach will help you through all workout questions
I can’t make the benchmark day, can I still take on the challenge?
YES! We have a scheduled make-up benchmark date. If you cannot make the make-up benchmark date your I Am Versus coach will schedule a time with you.
I just started Versus, can I take this challenge on?
Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Athletes of all levels take on this challenge and everyone gets results.

Sign up at Versus or through your Versus Coach.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why sign up for the "I am Versus Challenge?"


From Coach Jeri Krebs

I always knew I had a competitive streak but Versus has opened my eyes to a completely different side that I didn't realize existed. Many of our workouts turn into a competition. Whether it's with your class or the gym as a whole, we write or score the workouts on the whiteboard.  Anyone can see it. We find our max in various movements and use that number as a basis to workout with until we do it again.  I like that!  I like a challenge!  I like seeing results!

I am a numbers and goals kind of person.  When I first heard about the very first "Palace Pageant Challenge", I was hesitant about signing up.  I wanted to make sure it was fair and also confirm there would be no swimsuits involved (ha ha).  Once I realized there were 3 parts and all were based on a percentage of improvement, I knew I had to do it!  I now had 3 different opportunities to see improvement (1) workout/retest, (2) weight loss, and (3) strength.

We were assigned a black book to record nutrition and we had to bring it with us every time we came to the gym.  Coach Michael and Coach Steve checked it and suggested changes to our diets where needed.  I didn't think I could win the weight loss portion, but I knew my black book had to be loaded with healthy foods so I could perform at my best.

So, I knew I wasn't winning the weight loss portion, but I thought I had an outside shot at the workout portion or strength improvement.  I pushed really hard each workout and didn't miss one class.  However, one day a light bulb went off: I knew the competition was stiff and I could see everyone was giving it all they had in that one hour class, but what were they doing outside of the gym?  How clean were they eating?  Did they slack off on the weekends?  Maybe I could win the weight loss!  I wasn't technically overweight, but I was overweight for my liking and if it were based on a percentage I would be more disciplined than I ever was to get results.  Remember, this was an 8 week challenge people!  I couldn't afford one cheat meal, so I.did.not.cheat! No ice cream, no bread, no more mini bites of "this or that" and as many vegetables and lean meat as I could find!  I've never been one to drink my calories because it's always seemed like such a waste, but I can tell you I'm pretty sure I drank my weight in water each day.  Each time nutrition was discussed, I was listening.  If a workout was suggested, I did it.  If someone else in the challenge was staying later or arriving early to practice form or technique, it encouraged me to do so as well.  The challenge was just what I needed for accountability, motivation, and results.  I lost 14lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2. I genuinely was shocked when I saw the scale.  I remember Steve looking at the scale and then back at my starting weight in disbelief!!

Needless to say when the I AM Versus Challenge rolled around, I was waiting to be in the first 30 people that signed up. I needed something to motivate me.  I wanted more results!  In my opinion, the extra accountability, the extra push, the strict nutrition guidelines, the RESULTS never would have happened without the challenge.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Purvis Boot Camp Details

Purvis Boot Camp

Our very first Purvis Boot Camp is fast approaching.  We have people signing up already so we want to provide you with all the details:

When is it?   Start Date is Monday January 14th at 5:30pm

Where is it?  Purvis Lower Elementary.  Our alternate location will be the Votech Center

What to bring?  Water, a yoga mat for situps, a towel if you want one, and an awesome attitude!

We want everyone interested and folks that have signed up already to come to a Free Workout this Saturday the 12th at 9am or 10am at Versus Strength and Conditioning gym.  The gym is located at 48 Liberty Place across HWY 98 from lake serene grocery.

You get to meet your coach, get a free workout and also get some free nutrition advice!  We want all of you there!  Make a change not an excuse!
48 Liberty Pl #3, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Take 2013 by storm!


The "I AM VERSUS" challenge will kick off January 21st.

I am Versus from Sam McAlister