Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meet Coach Matt

Matt Lee started as a Boot Camp member exactly 1 year ago today!  In celebration of his anniVersusAry (haha) we did a short "Meet the Coach" interview today.  Here is the result of our intense interview session:

  1. Where am I from?
         I grew up in Covington, Louisiana but I've been in Hattiesburg longer so maybe I am from here now?! 
2. What brought me to Versus?
         I guess it would mainly be the people there. Its a very fun, supportive community. Everyone is working hard and just trying to survive the workout. And because you do that together, a bond is formed. It is really unique. 
3. Why a Versus boot camp?
         There are a few reasons for why that happened. First, I know Steve from way back on the mean streets of the wellness center basketball courts. Haha! I knew he was a good guy and I trusted that the program was legit. But I'm pretty sure it was because my wife got tired of hearing me whine about being sorry and out of shape. She told me (made me) to sign up and at least get started and see where it goes. And for all my guys out there... don't be scared. It not just for the ladies. It will kick your butt!!
4. Favorite exercise?
            That's easy!! Anything and everything involving the PROWLER!!!
5. Least favorite food?
             It used to be Veggies of any kind. Now that I have made the effort to change there are some really great ones out there if are willing to stretch yourself and try. So, now it would be anything thing that makes me feel awful during a workout. Good fuel in = great output!
 6. Favorite clean food?
             Right now its the Clean Kitchen sweet potato lasagna. So yummy!! But also, any kind of meat works and love some avocado!
7. Favorite cheat meal?
             There are two. I still have a soft spot for ice cream. And if is January or February, this Louisiana boy has to have some king cake!
8. What would I say to someone scared to try Versus or any other fitness avenue?
           Don't be! Remember no one is perfect the first day or ever. Everyone is at a different spot on their journey. Do what you can, where you are and you are awesome! I always hear people say. " I need to get in shape and then I will come try it" As someone who was out of shape, it's not true. We are here to meet you where you are and bring you to where you want to go. That's what we do! One of my favorite lines that I have heard is " you don't have to get cleaned up to take a bath"! Think about that. You don't have to get in shape to start getting in shape. Just start! 
9. Nike or Under Armour?
             Under Armour. I love the way their clothes fit my body type. They have also come a long way on their footwear too. 
10. James Bond or Jason Borne?
             First let me say that Jason Borne movies have the best chase scenes ever! I'm literally exhausted when they are done. But, there was never anyone smoother than Sean Connery. EVER. Ill take effortless, smoothness (and all those cool gadgets) any day!!

Matt currently coaches 4 classes for Versus and also offers 1 on 1 Personal Training.  His classes are:
1.  Thames Elementary AT Class 5am
2.  Cross Point Boot Camp 6am Monday and Wednesday (NEW CLASS)
3.  Cross Point AT Class
4.  Petal Relay Park Boot Camp 9am Monday and Wednesday (NEW CLASS)

If you would like to sign up for Matt's new boot camp class or would like a free trial click HERE or contact him via email at:  runmattrun13@gmail.com