Thursday, April 29, 2010


Warm up: Spend 10min working on a few things you aren't good at ie, pistols, double unders, the kip, hspu, squat cleans etc...

Str: 5-5-5-3-3-1 of snatch grip push press (behind neck)

WOD: Make up a wod you missed this week or pick one from the Hopper Deck or Pick a named one off the board and KILL IT.

I wrote this "back in the day".

I am challenging you... backed into a corner, worn down, beat up, stretched thin... will you fight or just lay down. Burn the oars, nuke the boat and strand yourself on the island. Only your best effort matters.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Location: The Palace

Warm up: row 500m easy, hip mobility, jump rope for 4min, 20 leg swings, run a few 50m build up sprints, 50 jumping jacks.

Str: Run 800m TT


30 Handstand push-ups
40 Jumping pull up
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Again, many people brought the wood on the sprint work out tonight. I am really impressed.

Thought this top ten list was funny but also true:

Apr 27

Written by: Charles Poliquin
4/27/2010 8:26 PM

1. They do spinning classes.

2. They have Kashi for breakfast with skim milk for breakfast.

3. They go for coffee after training.

4. They follow a low fat diet, especially avoiding saturated fats.

5. They consume soy products.

6. They eat bagels because they are low fat. So is gasoline.

7. They don’t make time for themselves. Here is the best fat loss tip for women: take a week off just for you, no boyfriend/partner/husband and no kids.

8. They consume grains.

9. They use beauty products loaded with harmful chemicals such as parabenes.

10. They don’t follow the axiom: You are your schedule.

Does this guy have a point or is he off his rocker?

Location: The Palace

warm up: 2 rounds of run 200m, 5 air squat, 5 jump squat, 5 split jumps(pr leg), 5 pull up, 5 push up, 10 sit up, 10 back ext

Str: 5x5 power snatch, subject to change based on who you are and what class you attend.

Workout: 2omin amrap

500m row or 400m run
30 db snatch 15 per arm
15 ring dip

never. workout. with. your. woman.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Proud Papa

Dude... no really, dude! Many of you went for broke on the workout on Monday. It was awesome to watch. Remember, its your workout. NO DEPOSIT = NO RETURN.

This is for tuesday:

Location: Palace

warm up: 3 rounds, 5 pull up, 5 push up, 10 pvc pass thru, 5 sit up, 5 back ext.

Str: 5 rounds of 5 consecutive muscle ups. rest as needed btw efforts

Workout: Part 1
21 back squat @115
15 pull up
15 back squat @115
12 pull up
9 back squat @115
9 pull up

you can not rack the bar at all, it must be pulled from the floor each time you put it down

Part 2
For time: 11-1 ladder of: push up and situp then run 800m

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Location: Palace aka TIN GYM!

warm up: row 1000m, hip mobility, shoulder band work, 3 rounds, 7 pull up, 7 ring dip, 7 sit up, 7 back ext, 7 overheadsquat

str: 5x5 shoulder press


50 jump squats
30 push press (75 men/55 women)
30 burpees
30 sumo deadlift high pull (75 men/55 women)
30 kettlebell swings (1 pood women/1.5 pood men)
50 jump squats

In the very near future we will be hosting an outdoor work out held on rails to trails. This workout will be a trial run for a fundraiser we will be holding for a charity here in Hattiesburg. More info to come

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Location: the palace

Workout: 2man teams

30/30 wall ball
30/30 push press
30/30 air squat/bottom hold
30/30 push up/plank
Rest 1min


1 person is working, 1 is resting. 30seconds on 30seconds off.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Thursday: 4 rounds
run 400m
50 double unders

Friday: 3 rounds

4 hspu
8 chest 2 bar pull up
12 deadlift 185/135
16 box jump

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Terrorist do bicep curls... don't be a terrorist."

Warm up: run 400m, then 3 rounds: 5 ring dip, 5 lunges per leg, 5 hspu, 5 situp, 5 back extension, then run another 400m

STR: 5x5 Over head squat. Take you time and work on position and technique.



row 500m
25 kbs
25 ball slam

Monday, April 19, 2010


JP. Welcome back man! Glad to have you back even if its only for a week!

Warm up: 20 ring rows, 20 pvc pass thru, 20 kb clean and jerk (10 per arm), 20 kb snatch (10 per), 20 band pulls, 2o back extension, 20 situps, hip mobility x10.


**6 rounds**

3 push jerk, rest 1 min
10 pull up, rest 1 min

Take your time during this workout. During the pull up section feel free to use a variation of grips and or styles ie- L pull up, weighted pull up, towel pull up, chin up, dead hang, chest to bar, butter fly, etc...


4 rounds

10 heavy 1 arm db snatch (5 per)
rest 1-2min
15 unbroken k2e

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fo' Monday

Str: 5x5 push press

Every min on the min for 15 min

run 50m
10 push up
10 jump squat
10 jump lunges

If you are beastly at push ups, do them on the rings. If you are beastly at squats, put a 45lb bar on your back.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pre-Crawfish Friday

Many folks from the gym will be attending the ATO Crawfish boil this saturday. We'll have a tent set up if you want to come out and enjoy some sunshine and fellowship.

Warm up: 20 air squat, 20 lunges, hip mobility x10, 20 pvc pass thru, 20 push up, 20 ring row

STR: 5x5 hang power snatch work up each set.

WOD: 2 rounds of this sequence-

Row 500m TT rest 3min,
3 rounds 10 pull up, 10 thruster @95, rest 3 min
Run 400m TT, rest 3min.

Record total time for score.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warm up and do it for the Saints

Warm up: 20 jumping jacks, run 50m, 20 kbs, run 50m, 3 rounds of tabata squats, 3 rounds of tabata split jumps.

WOD: 30 deadlift @75-80% 1rm, run 1mile.

Quote of the Day: I wanna be your SFOC. (super fox of the century) YES!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Warm up: 20 pvc pass thru, 20 ball slam, 20 ring row, 20 jumping jacks, 20 air squat, 20 lunges, 20 band pull.

STR: 5x5 shoulder press

WOD: 5rft

10 chest to bar pull up
10 push up burpee*
25 squat broad jump

*do not fall to the floor-perform a push up then pull in feet and jump!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Pool season is in full swing. If you don't believe me, ask Tony Day! During pool season most of us get exposed to the sun or as I have heard it put before, " just gettin my dose of vitamin D". Here is some info on vitamin D and its role in your life!

D it up

warm up: 4min of jumping rope, go barefoot if possible, hip mobility x10, hand stand practice 4-5min. If you have hand stand push ups, stack two columns of weights on the floor and go past head to the floor. Do 5 reps on the minute during the 5 min of practice.

WOD: "1 min recovery"

row 1500m
run 800m
row 1000m
run 400m
row 500m
run 200m

rest as needed then: 10 half get ups per arm, 25 abmat sit ups, 25 bridges, 25 hollow rock

Monday, April 12, 2010


Warm up: row 500m, 20 air squat, 20 lunges (10 per), Hip mobility x10, 20 ring rows or pull ups, run 400m

STR: 5x5 back squat

WOD: 4 Rounds

3min Amrap

3 power clean @155
6 push up
9 K2e
rest 2min repeat

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Info for the week:

Mayo Clinic

CrossFit Nutrition

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Thursday: 5 rft of

5 hspu
20 box jump
10 dumbbell snatch (5 per arm)

Friday: What a beautiful day!!!

STR: 3x10 weighted ring dips

4 rounds

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M=75lb/W=55lb)
20 Burpee
200m Run

Mark Rippetoe on Strength Training:

"First thing we need to get out of the way: strength is the basis of athletic ability. If you are a good athlete, you are stronger than a less-good athlete. If you want to be a better athlete, you get stronger. If you are already very strong, there is room in your training for the development of other aspects of performance. But there is a very high likelihood that you are not that strong, since most people are not. You may think you’re very strong, but really, you know you could get stronger, don’t you? Sure you do. You may have convinced everybody else that you’re strong enough; you may even be convinced of this yourself. This is not productive, because if you can get stronger you should do so, and a lack of strength may be why you’re not performing as well as you know you should be. If your progress is stuck, and has been for a while, get stronger and see what happens. It works every time, and this is why I know it’s true.

You say you’re a runner, and that you don’t need to be strong. Get stronger and see what happens to your times. Or you’re a tennis player: get stronger and watch your game improve. Even in sports not usually associated with strength display, the stronger athletes are the better athletes. You may not like it because it makes your carefully cultivated Bosu-ball and wobbleboard “functional” training skill set less valuable, but any athlete that trains a simple barbell strength program and improves his squat, press, and deadlift will become better at his sport than you can make him with alternate 3 lb. dumbbell seated Swiss-ball presses."

Next week we will start another strength cycle! Please try to remember to write down,black berry yourself, email or whatever the numbers you push, pull etc in the next few weeks. Happy WEEKEND!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Warm up: run 400m, hip mobility x10, 10 jump squats, 25 jumping jacks, 25 pvc pass thru, run 400m

Str- 5-5-5-3-3-3 Squat Clean


500m row
10 clean and jerk @155

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Little bit of active recovery today:

warm up: run 400m, hip mobility x10, 25 jumping jacks, 10 shoulder press, 10 pvc pass thru, run 50m, 25 jumping jack.

wod: 15min amrap
run 50m
25 hollow rock or abmat sit up
25 kbs

In a few days, I will post some video and some new literature under the "travel wod and nutrition" link. I have fielded a TON of questions about nutrition lately. I answered all of the questions as honestly and diligently as I could. I have put in a ton of work the past few years educating myself on what to eat and when to eat it. I helped Paula lose over 10% of her body weight. I encouraged JP when he was stuck at a certain number on the scale. Personally, I have lost 30lbs by doing CrossFit wods and eating correctly... So what's the secret?


Steve: How was your diet today?

Client: I was running late this morning and didn't have time to make breakfast and I also forgot my mid morning snack.


The client response makes me doubt how much you really want to lose weight/be healthy. I don't mean to be rude but... Are you lazy? I spend a lot of time trying to help clients and sometimes all I get is, "Its too hard, I don't like that food, I don't have time, That's way too much food..." Boo Hoo... if it were easy everyone would be ripped, skinny, healthy, active, jacked, FEF'ed etc... If you want to reach your goals and be ______ (fill in the blank), listen to what we preach, and ACT on it. Stop setting up road blocks for yourself. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...


Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Funday

If you weren't at the gym this friday, you missed out big time... The teams were awesome the wod was sweet and good times were had by all.

Lets start the week off right:

Warm up: Run 400m, 20 pvc pass thru, 10 lunges, 10 squats, 20 band pulls.- 2rounds

STR: upper body 3x5 (shoulder press, bench press or your choice)

WOD: Cindy

20min AMRAP
5 pull up
10 push up
15 squats

Don't be satisfied with 20 rounds and be prepared for a mental battle.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

wed and thursday

Wednesday's wod was: row 250m 15 wall ball 4 rounds.

Thursday's wod was: 3 rft of row 500m, 21 burpees, run 400m. TOD: 15:38 Chuck.

For all that have not heard, spread the word!!! We are having a team wod tomorrow. The theme is Tag team wrestling! Wear whatever you think that theme constitutes and have a blast! The wod will be announced tomorrow!