Friday, September 11, 2009


warm: suicide prisoner squat combo

strength: 12-9-6 deadlift (Tony day you're a beast)

wod: 75 push ups for time rest 2min then 75 box jumps for

TOD: 1:26 and 1:18 by chuck. We hate you.

I am sure that all of you are aware of todays date. Please remember 9-11. Never forget what happened that day and please pray for all our soldiers abroad and at home. Also, you have a chance to donate to the wounded warriors fund on September the 26th. Go to crossfit 27:17 for details. Listen to a Toby Keith song, buy some PBR and go buy a copy of Lone Survivor. Thanks murph!

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JP said...

I think Chuck's name should just be assumed as being the TOD. He's really killing the curve!

What color is this site, anyway?

Unknown said...

Just wait until I show up... lol!


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