Sunday, September 27, 2009

I AM SMOKED! I don't think my legs have ever hurt this bad! Well, thinking back, my legs were this sore when Fleming and I came back from our Level 1 cert. We completed: bottom 2 bottom squats and Fran in the same day, then followed that up with Helen and 80 medball cleans the next day. OUCH!

Kellar, Paula and I went to Flowood MS this weekend and participated in Fight Gone Bad IV, hosted by CrossFit 27:17 (Michael McElroy and Tyler Smith). The event was awesome! To have 25+ people all crossfitting in the same spot was amazing. I can not imagine what the CF games are like. Both of the girls represented by completing their first ever as Rx FGB! GO GIRLS! Tyler and Michael, we have got to get together and have these type of events more often. Thanks for hosting!

Sorry for no post yesterday, but as stated above the WOD was:

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds of: Wall ball, SDLHP, Box Jump, Push Press and Row.

1 min at each station. Each rep counts as a point (with the rower use calories as reps).

The gym will be open at 3 today. Hope you guys had a great weekend!! This week is going to be awesome. Got a few named wod's coming up! 3...2...1...GO!

ps. The 2 most popular question we get are: How do I get ripped up? and What in the hell am I supposed to eat? Sooo, Kellar and I will be adding a diet link to this page. We will write recipes and other helpful EASY eating tips for people looking for help in the diet category. Any who, PEACE!

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I have a couple of good recipes to throw in if you want includes the likes of stuffed chicken breast, fish burritos, and others..

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