Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The End

Recap! Recap! Recap! Recap!

Coach Jamie just finished up her 4 week "Get fit Quick" Boot Camp.

I asked her a few questions about camp and here is here recap:

Congrats to everyone on completing the 4 week mini camp! Some of you went from hardly any exercise to running a 5K (3+miles!) in 4 WEEKS! That is absolutely amazing. Everyone did an amazing job at camp and you all should feel very accomplished. That was one tough camp I put you through, so pat yourself on the back and brag a little!

Here are some stats from today:
BRAD!!!!! he improved his time by 41 seconds! That is outstanding!
Jenny improved by 20 seconds!
Cissy improved by 23 seconds!
Jennifer improved by 9 seconds!
Stephanie improved by 8 seconds!
Monica improved by 7 seconds!
Everyone did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only have a two more 6 week boot camps offered this year.  Get in touch with Coach Michael @ for info and sign up.