Monday, October 5, 2009

Warm up: 3 rounds of cindy

Strength: 3x5 shoulder press

WOD: 3 power clean (heavy) 8 hspu, 25 air squats

Something of note: I read THIS on FFT.

I think he should have put the end of his article as the beginning. I have no back ground on this guy nor do I want to spend AN hour trying to find out more about him. However, his point is noted and in my opinion DEAD ON. The CrossFit model is perhaps the best GPP model of fitness out there. It claims to be nothing more than that... that being said, you might have to venture outside of CrossFit main page for information. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE CROSSFIT, however, there are some awesome athletes out there that have never used CrossFit at all. I want to learn from them as well, to make our pallet that much more colorful. Any comments?

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Anonymous said...

I think that is what we are doing going outside the Crossfit box to create elite athletes. It is true Crossfit is GPP...the first word being General not elite. However, people can use Crossfit as a major part of their routine to attain the met-con and stamina that someone who solely lifts weights will not. Also Crossfit IS better than the old gym becuase it makes it easier for someone who has no knowledge of training or the body to get into shape rather than tryin to go to the regular gym and come up with workouts that they "think" will work. Not only that but have the rest of the numbskulls trying to tell them what the "should" do. However, combining the methods of fitness that we feel will benefit our ultimate fitness goal is what will be best. If its be thin, swift, and enduring then crossfit is it. If it is to be a "Machine" combining crossfit and strength training is it. Go STEVE!

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