Thursday, October 29, 2009

He could kill you

Click here to meet your DOOM. At 1.07 and 4.20 i got really scared... also pay attention to the killer sound track. I wish I could flex like this guy.

Warm up:
5 pull up (kipping), 5 push up
5 pull up dead hang, 5 clapping push up
5 pull up DH, 5 push up, slap chest with both hands.

Strength- 5-5-5 of push press. Advanced: Body weight, Elite: 1.25 x bodyweight

WOD: 5 rounds of
6 bench press
12 pull up

the weight on the BP needs to be hard but doable. The pull ups need to be dead hang. If you have to kip that is fine, but try to rest enough between rounds that you can attempt dead hang pull ups. If you read and follow this page, feel free to post your weight and time to the comments section.

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JP said...

The kid has a six pack!

Unknown said...

Ok, consider please that this is day 2 back in crossfit after hammy injury and I have to deal with globo-gym and no spotter.

PP 5-5-5 95-115-135


Bench 135-155-175-185-195 6 reps

and I did the 12 pullups dead hang in between each. Those suck. Thanks for the WOD, glad to be back in. I'll get back to respectable numbers soon. Keep up the good work bro. Can't wait to see Crossfit Versus in full beast mode.


btw that kid is a freak, he should fight midgets

versussuccessstories said...

Good job C-Rock! Midget fighting... new UFC event?

Anonymous said...

if only my parents had been so smart...

versussuccessstories said...

Indeed Hester... indeed. Check your door, i think you sister is knocking on it.

Anonymous said...


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