Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strong man Wod

Ok, so the reason why I didn't post yesterday was due to... well... I was messing around with all the new stuff we got yesterday. Here is the Wod and warm up:

Warm up: 3rounds of 10 reps of ring dip, pull up, back ext then run 400m

WOD: 20 sledge hammer swings, 4 Keg tosses, 2 tire drags, 4 rounds.

if you dont have a sledge hammer, do ball slams or some type of throw down motion???

If you dont have a keg to toss, well, get one or do over the head med ball throws. Keg throws or ball throws are a good way to develop explosiveness for the snatch.

If you don't have a tire to drag, it super easy to rig one up.... and its super cheap. Google: mtnathlete tire rig and watch the video. Do 4 hard sprints if you have no tire to drag (distance 30m).

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