Friday, January 11, 2013

Why sign up for the "I am Versus Challenge?"


From Coach Jeri Krebs

I always knew I had a competitive streak but Versus has opened my eyes to a completely different side that I didn't realize existed. Many of our workouts turn into a competition. Whether it's with your class or the gym as a whole, we write or score the workouts on the whiteboard.  Anyone can see it. We find our max in various movements and use that number as a basis to workout with until we do it again.  I like that!  I like a challenge!  I like seeing results!

I am a numbers and goals kind of person.  When I first heard about the very first "Palace Pageant Challenge", I was hesitant about signing up.  I wanted to make sure it was fair and also confirm there would be no swimsuits involved (ha ha).  Once I realized there were 3 parts and all were based on a percentage of improvement, I knew I had to do it!  I now had 3 different opportunities to see improvement (1) workout/retest, (2) weight loss, and (3) strength.

We were assigned a black book to record nutrition and we had to bring it with us every time we came to the gym.  Coach Michael and Coach Steve checked it and suggested changes to our diets where needed.  I didn't think I could win the weight loss portion, but I knew my black book had to be loaded with healthy foods so I could perform at my best.

So, I knew I wasn't winning the weight loss portion, but I thought I had an outside shot at the workout portion or strength improvement.  I pushed really hard each workout and didn't miss one class.  However, one day a light bulb went off: I knew the competition was stiff and I could see everyone was giving it all they had in that one hour class, but what were they doing outside of the gym?  How clean were they eating?  Did they slack off on the weekends?  Maybe I could win the weight loss!  I wasn't technically overweight, but I was overweight for my liking and if it were based on a percentage I would be more disciplined than I ever was to get results.  Remember, this was an 8 week challenge people!  I couldn't afford one cheat meal, so I.did.not.cheat! No ice cream, no bread, no more mini bites of "this or that" and as many vegetables and lean meat as I could find!  I've never been one to drink my calories because it's always seemed like such a waste, but I can tell you I'm pretty sure I drank my weight in water each day.  Each time nutrition was discussed, I was listening.  If a workout was suggested, I did it.  If someone else in the challenge was staying later or arriving early to practice form or technique, it encouraged me to do so as well.  The challenge was just what I needed for accountability, motivation, and results.  I lost 14lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2. I genuinely was shocked when I saw the scale.  I remember Steve looking at the scale and then back at my starting weight in disbelief!!

Needless to say when the I AM Versus Challenge rolled around, I was waiting to be in the first 30 people that signed up. I needed something to motivate me.  I wanted more results!  In my opinion, the extra accountability, the extra push, the strict nutrition guidelines, the RESULTS never would have happened without the challenge.

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