Sunday, January 20, 2013

I AM Versus rules and regulations

Congrats on signing up for the I am Versus Challenge.  I can promise you the next 6 weeks will be challenging but very rewarding.

Here is how The I am VSC point system will work:

1. Test Bench Mark Workout on January 26th (See how you improve over the 6 weeks)

2. Completion of Weekly Emailed Homework Assignments (Worth 5points per homework assignment)

3. Emailing or Meeting with you coach to show Nutritional Log (Worth 0 pnts if no show, 2pnts for showing, 5pnts for a "clean" book.

4.  Saturday workouts (worth 5points)

At the end of the 6 weeks we will have an Overall Team Points Winner.  So, if you don't have a clean nutritional log, don't show up for Saturday workouts and don't do your email homework... You will hurt your team.

-Speaking of Teams, here they are:

Team Steve
1. Charles Arinder
2. Meagan Fry
3. Amy Miller
4. John Harrington
5. Josh Moore
6. Terri Bell
7. Dan O'brien
8. Kristen Nooe
9. Anna Gaston
10. Shawn Dube

Team Mike

1.  Jennifer Ryals
2.  Christa Cauldwell
3.  Rebecca floyd
4.  Sean dearman
5.  Hedge
6.  Gunns
7.  Tyler ladd
8.  Becky ladd
9.  Jason hargrove
10. Wendy lovelace

Team Jamie

1. Suzannah
2. Jennifer robertson
3. Bethanie difatta
4. Jenny Boudreaux
5. Brad Boudreaux
6. Mandy Strickland
7. Bobby Moore
8. Grace Kent
9. Clay
10. Cissy

Get ready to check your email inbox for your first email from your coach with your first homework assignment!  Last thing: our first Saturday workout worth points will be on February 9th.

Dates You Need to Know:

Sunday, January 20th: Registration closes
Saturday, January 26th: Benchmark Workout
Monday, January 28th : Challenge T-Shirt Size Deadline
Tuesday, January 29th: Make Up Workout
Saturday, February 16th: Skills Workshop
Saturday, March 2th: Finale Workout

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