Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ripped Like Rambo the Supplement Edition

Wanna Get Yoked Up out Yo Mind?

Of course you do...

This particular blog post is a follow up from my last blog post Ripped Like Rambo .  Check it out first to get caught up to speed.

If you are a Jedi Master at applying the Plus 1 rule, Use Big Movers and Hardcore body weight exercises and Practice Consistency and Intensity recommendations.... CHEERS TO YOU!  You my friend are ahead of the game.  So what else can you do to improve your quest for rippedness???

Now pay attention... Because what I am about to say here is crucial for any type of success in performance, body composition, or life.  Yes, I said life because its that serious....

Rule numero uno for getting ripped:  Nutrition/clean eating.

Rule number 2 for getting ripped:  Nutrition/clean eating.

Rule number 3 for getting ripped: Everything else.


If you do not have your nutrition squared away it will be very hard to see results.  If you have any questions about proper nutrition feel free to email me at steve@versusstrengthandconditioning.com

I will gladly answer some questions for you.  Oh, and any coach at Versus is more than equipped to help you with any questions.

Anything else I can add?

Yes!  Supplements!  I am hesitant to address supplements because I know how our society works.  Folks, lets be honest.  We are always looking a quick fix.  We are always looking for the fastest, easiest, or dare I say laziest way to go about earning our fitness... "Hey do you have a pill I can take so  I can lose 50lbs in 2 weeks."

Sorry Charlie.  Homie don't play that.

Before you rely solely on supplementation of any kind, please remember you must have your nutrition squared away!!!

Here is a basic list of my CYA Supplements:

1. Multi Vitamin-  Ask any Doctor anywhere, "Should I be taking a multi vitamin?"  99.9% of them will say yes.  No I haven't polled 1.5million doctors and I don't have empirical data, but use your noggin and take a multi vitamin.  Also, the CDC released a study (the data is 6 years old) citing Americans are doing pretty dang good on the vitamin front!  GOOOO USA!

2.  Fish Oil-  I had an ER doctor tell me once... "Steve, eat fish oil like its candy."  Fish Oil has many many benefits.  Check out this FISH OIL blog post to edu-mah-cate yo'self.

3.  Protein Powder-  There are 1.8 billion different types of protein powder out in consumer land.  So which one should you buy?  Good question!  What are your goals, when are you planning on taking it, are you lactose intolerant, are you gluten intolerant, are you from planet crypton?  If you answered yes to the last question... you're silly.

I'll do a entire post dedicated to protein powder but for now just focus on this:

Low Sugar, Low Carb and first ingredient needs to be "whey protein isolate", thats if you don't have any allergy problems with whey.  MORE ON THIS LATER.

Now Here is a List of my Ripped Like Rambo Supplements:

1.  Anabolic Steroids ( I kid.  I kid.)  I did have a professor in college tell me once, "Steve, anything that is banned or outlawed works.  Its creates and unfair advantage for the athlete.  Its outlawed because it WORKS"

The REAL Number 1.  Multi Vitamin- yup again.

2.  Fish Oil- yup again.

3. Protein Powder- More to come

4.  Pre/During Workout Drink- Basically a combination of Protein and Fast acting carbs.  If weight loss and muscle gain is your goal, check out BCAA supplementation instead.

5.  Creatine Monohydrate-  Creatine is one of the most widely researched supplements out there.  Google it and find out!  However,  I tend to stay away from all the fancy versions of creatine because there isn't enough science out there to support the "newness" or the higher price tag.  So, I stick with regular old creatine by PRO LAB.  If you turn the bottle around it has only one ingredient and that makes me happy inside.  I could write about this all day, so I will dedicate more time to creatine in the  Protein Powder Blog post.

So here are some key take aways:

1.  Get your nutrition in order
2.  Get your nutrition in order
3.  Take a multi vitamin, fish oil and protein powder to CYA
4.  Add in some creatine and a pre/during workout drink!

As always, you need to check with your doctor before starting anything new.  But do you think Rambo checked with a doctor before putting on his boots and kicking terrorist butt?


But seriously ask your doctor about any of the above info for his or her approval.

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