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iam VSC Challenge results

On January 26th, 10 people were selected to be on “Team Steve” and compete against two other teams in a 6 week nutrition and performance point based challenge. Each week to earn points, team members had to complete and turn in extra homework assignments, keep a food journal, and complete Saturday Team workouts. If you did not complete a homework, missed a team workout, had mess up in the food journal or did not turn in anything, there were point deductions. To kick start the challenge we had a benchmark workout which we retested at the end. A point system was based off of how much weight you used in the benchmark and if you went up in weight for the retest, improved your time, or both. Combining all points from the 6 weeks, the team with the most points after the final workout was the winner!

All of my team did amazing! Everyone improved mile times, lost some serious weight and crushed the retest of the bench mark workout with heavier weight and new PRs! I was so proud to coach a fantastic group! Here are their fantastic end of challenge stats!


beginning mile time was 7:22
ending mile time was: 7:16

Cut a minute off time from the Final Workout and also used a heavier weight for the Final Workout!

Josh Moore-

My major accomplishment is I was able to run my fastest ever mile at 7:29 at 270 pounds. That was a minute improvement.

Beginning mile time 8:30 min mile
Ending mile time 7:29 min mile


weight lost:  3lbs
Old mile time:  new mile:
beginning week 1 Benchmark workout: 18:05 @35kb
end of week 6 Benchmark workout : 16:16@35kb

Personally for me I noticed it in inches more than weight as far as how's my clothes fit.


1. Beginning Mile: 7:24
    Ending Mile: 6:47
     -37 seconds better

2. Starting Weight: 192
    Ending Weight: 177
     -15 Pounds lighter

3. Tester in beginning: 22 Minutes
    Tester in the end: 16:57
     -5:03 minutes off initial tester


Lost: 8lbs
Improved by 2min on final workout!

I am tickled Pink!!


Beginning weight: 224 lbs
End weight: 210 lbs
Total loss: 14 lbs

Benchmark workout: 21:55
Finale workout: 17:09
Time reduced: 4:46

Ran first 5k in 4 years (or any distance over a mile for that matter).
Set new PR for 5k.


 When I started the challenge I ran a mile in about 12 min. At the end it was about 10.5.
 Loss of 7 lbs & a couple inches off hips & 1.5 off waist First benchmark workout time was 18:54. The retest was 16:20. I was pleased!


1. 10:09 ---> 8:48 (still pumped about this!)
2. lost 7.7 lbs
3. I feel like my fitness level has improved!!!! I improved by several minutes on the final WOD, discovered I like squash and brussel sprouts, and I think I may be a potential future runner...still processing this ;). I also cook even more than I was before, which I really love!
SO glad I did this challenge!!!

Starting weight:163. Ending weight 161.2. I trimmed up very nicely and I feel very light on my feet. I learned to say no to bread and no to bad foods in general.  I improved my workout time by over 3 min which was my most proud achievement of the challenge.

 Lost 16lbs!  My beginning mile was 8:05, ending mile 7:56. I improved my re-test workout by almost 4 1/2 minutes.

My beginning mile time was 9:40 and my finishing mile time was 7:35!!!!! And I lost 6 lbs!
The biggest accomplishment for myself was that I'm now more aware of what I eat. It's a lifestyle for me now. I love the way it makes me feel and that's what I wanted to accomplish through this challenge!

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