Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Try-athlon Events!

1. Ride 5min for Calories, Row 5min for Calories, 5min Run Cone Drill for Points
2. Amrap Double Unders 3min
3. Amrap 12min: 5 Pull up, 10 HR Push up, 15 Med Ball Squats
4. 3min Amrap: Burpees
5. Amrap 10min: Prowler Push 50m, 15 KBS
6. 5min to find 1RM Ground to Over Head

Format and more details will be announced Wednesday.


We will have a rolling clock.  On the count of 3-2-1 Go the clock will start and will not end until the event is over.  There are no designated rest periods between events.


Each Rep/Calories that you do in the workouts will count as points.  I know this is bush league but we may change the scoring format to:  If you win an event you get 1 point, if you finish last in an event you get 8 points.  Whomever has the lowest point total after all the events are over is the winner.  We are still crunching numbers to see which system will make the event more FUN!


Event 1-  Three 5min Amraps:  Ride 5min, Row 5min and Run Cone Drill for 5min.
You will start on the Bike and complete all 5min on the bike before moving on to the Row.  You may switch as many times as you would like during your 5min on the Bike.  When the clock hits 5min you may transition to the Rower.  You can have teammate 1 sitting on the rower with feet strapped in ready to go while teammate 2 is finishing the Bike AMRAP.  This format stays the same for all of Event 1.  Only one person may work at a time (it would be cool to see two of you try to row at the same time). 

Event 2- Amrap Double Unders in 3min
As soon as the clock hits 15min you may begin the double unders.  Only double unders will be counted.  You may switch as much as you would like during the 3min.  Only one person working at at a time.

Event 3- Amrap 12min- 5 pull up, 10 HR push up, 15 med ball squats
As soon as the clock hits 18min you may begin Event 3.  Teammate 1 must complete and entire round before he or she can tag teammate 2.

 Kipping pull ups, butterfly pulls and dead hang pull ups are allowed.  Jumping pull ups, banded pull ups and ring row are allowed for Fun Division competitors.  Chin must be visibly above the bar.  Arms must be fully locked out at the bottom.  All judges will be told this "If it is close, it does not count." 

Hand Release Push Ups:  CHEST must make contact with floor and hands must leave the ground.  Perform push up any way possible and make sure to show lock out of elbows.  Remember, if it is close it does not count.

Medball Squats-  A med ball will be used to assure you are going to correct depth.  If you attempt to bounce off the ball you will be handed a 53lb kettle bell that you must hold during your squats for the rest of the event.  You must fully lock the hips and knees out at the top of the movement and lightly tap the med ball at the bottom of the movement.  If it is close it does not count!

Event 4- 3 min Amrap Burpees
As soon as the clock hits 30min you may begin Burpees.  Your Chest must make contact with the floor.  Thighs and belly are not the chest!  Hands must be clapped behind the head and you must be fully vertical at the top of your jump!

Event 5-  10 min Amrap Prowler push and KBS
At  33min you may begin.  The prowler will be loaded with 120lbs of weight for males and 30lbs of weight for females.  The distance is roughly 50m... yeah... roughly.  Males will use a 53lb Kb and women a 35lb Kb.  The Kb must be over shoulder height for the swing to count.  If it is close it does not count!  The prowler stands in your way of scoring points with your KB!  Teammate 1 will push prowler 50m and then immediately perform 15 KBS.  Teammate 2 may begin his or her prowler push as soon as Teammate 1 completes the 15th KBS.  Remember only KBS count toward your score!

Event 6 - 1RM from ground to over head

At 43min you may begin Event 6.  You may have weights set out ahead of time but you may not put any weights on your bar.  Only one person may work at a time.  Your highest lift is counted.  Teammate 1 and Teammate 2's lifts will be added together for a total score.  Oh, you must show complete lock out and control and listen for your judge to say "good lift", "down" or any verbal command for you to drop the weight.

Cut me some slack if I misspelled anything or if I left out words or whatever.  Its waaaay past my bedtime.  Also, there is rain and lightening in the forecast for saturday.  if it rains we are still a go for all events.  If we have lightening at all we will cancel event 5 and replace it a mystery event!  Yay for surprises.  Lastly, we do these events for fun.  Come with a great attitude ready to have fun and compete!  Our judges might make a bad call here and there and that is to be expected.  If you make every rep perfect, we will make every call perfect..... No one is perfect so just keep working hard!! 

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