Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Break the pattern

Before I went to bed on Sunday night I set my alarm, hopped in the bed and began to think of some of the things that I needed to do tomorrow.  The list that I make is sort of like a "list of promises" I'm trying to keep.

One thing is, I want to wake up every morning and make a protein shake to have as my mid morning meal.  I set my alarm early enough to make the shake, but I hit the snooze button.  5min of sleep is just too tempting.

5min later...  I hit it again.

Finally I get up, rush to find my keys, wallet and watch and head out the door just in time to make it to work.

-Without my protein shake in tow.

I feel guilty.  I didn't do the first thing I set out to do.  I have a negative outlook on the rest of the day because I didn't accomplish the first thing I set out to do that day.  A chain reaction also ensues and I'm not motivated to get other small things done.

Yeah.  I know what you are thinking.  A protein shake is a small thing.  You are right.  It is.  But if I let myself down, over time it gets easier to let other people down.  I start letting small things go left and right.

I keep telling myself, "I'll call him back in 5min, I'll pick up that birthday card tomorrow, I'll workout some other day."

You can see how one little thing turns into a chain reaction of lots of little things.

Now the same is also true in the other direction.  If I begin my day with an accomplishment it is a lot easier to convince myself to do other small things.  Small things add up... ask the guys who build the pyramids.

Break the pattern by setting up your day for success.  You will feel so much better starting the day off with success instead of failure.

*What can help you accomplish your small goals?  Remove your distractions, prepare ahead of time and keep promises to yourself.

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