Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you want to get Ripped like Rambo?

 How do you build lean muscle mass?  We all want to know this.  Here are few quick, easy and straight forward tips that you can add to your routine.  You will see results immediately if you follow this simple advice.  Ditch the crazy drop sets, negatives, complicated rep schemes etc and get ready to grow.

1.  To build lean muscle mass you need to get stronger.

If you go to the gym and continue to lift the same set of dumbbells you always lift, you will never get stronger.  Your body adapts to stimulus that you apply to it.  If you want to build muscle you MUST apply new stimulus and force your body to adapt to new stress and stimulus.  How?  Simple.  I call it the "Plus 1 Rule".  

If you lifted 100lbs ten times last week, try and lift 105lbs eleven times this week.  Maybe 105lbs is too heavy and 100lbs feels just fine.  Stick with 100lbs but add more reps.  Always strive to add more reps and more weight over time.  Basic rule of gaining lean muscle mass!  

Take Away:  Plus 1 Rule

2.  Use multi joint movements and grandpa exercises. 

If your workout routine consist of bicep curls, tricep kick backs and calve raises... it will be very hard to add any serious amount of muscle.  However, if you replace those simple finishing movements with exercises that move multiple joints at one time... now we're talking.  I like to call these multi-joint exercises "Big Movers".  Dead Lift and its many variations, Squat and its many variations, Press and its many variations,  Pulls or Rows and its many variations are all BIG MOVERS.  A friend of mine said this one time, "What do you think will help you more in a bar fight, a 40lb dumbbell curl or a 400lb dead lift."  My response was, "Dude, did you get in a bar fight last night."  But you get what I am saying.  Big Movers recruit more muscle!
Grandpa exercises... Say what?  When my grandfather joined the military he was strong.  Why?  Because he worked in the fields all day.  Even with all the field work he told me he still found the military PT Test hard.  The "Old PT Test" circa 1946 had pull ups, burpees, push ups, situps, jump squats, and sprints!!!  So taking the advice of grandpa and using hardcore body weight exercises like pull ups, push ups (tons of variations), squats (single leg if possible), handstand push ups, dips, muscle ups, etc... will build awesome lean muscle mass!

Take Away:  BIG MOVERS and Hardcore body weight exercises with the added plus 1 rule!

3.  Consistency and Intensity

If you plan on going to the gym 3 times a MONTH... stop reading now.  Building lean muscle mass is measured in MONTHS and YEARS not days.  If you love going to the gym, hit it hard 3-4 times a week and really bust your butt... you will see results.  However, if you are the type of person that doubts your training program, switches from the latest muscle and fitness program to the 5-3-1 program, to the double reverse pyramid program and back to the westside barbell conjugate system... Dude, get ready for some setbacks.

Take Away:  Plus 1 rule, Big Movers and Hardcore body weight exercises and Consistency and Intensity

If you follow these simple rules you will get results!  So, is there anything else you can do to help speed up the process?  What about supplements?  Check back next week for what supplements I believe can push your progress to the next level.  Until then strive to be Ripped Like Rambo #RLR! 

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