Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wright Brothers Flight

"...they gained the mechanical skills essential for their success by working for years in their shop with printing presses, bicycles, motors, and other machinery. Their work with bicycles in particular influenced their belief that an unstable vehicle like a flying machine could be controlled and balanced with practice."
Your goal will not fall out of the sky and into your lap.  It will not be easy.  It will require hours of practice.  You will fail at some point.  There will be points where you feel like you are unable to continue.  In those moments, how will you respond?
If there is a mountain in your way do you really think the mountain will miraculously be moved?  Or do you think you will be provided with the tools to climb the mountain?

No matter what situation you are facing right now keep in mind challenges are ahead.  You have the tools to be successful!  You never know... the miracle of Flight could be right around the corner.

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