Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Corrective Exercises

The office Rambo!

Kellar and I went on our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  Cabo was an amazing little city with a very cool harbor and what I called a "New Orleans" feel.  I got the New Orleans feel because we walked everywhere, there were street performers out and about and awesome restaurants seemed to pop out the city scape.

One of these said restaurants was "The Office."  Amazing food and amazing atmosphere.  I highly recommend The Office if you are ever in Cabo.  Besides the amazing food and the amazing atmosphere, there was one more little thing that made The Office super awesome....  The Office Rambo (pictured above).

This dude was epic.  End of story.

We learned many things on hour 4 hour journey with The Office Rambo.  What tequila to shoot/drink, He charged 5$ for a photograph, the leather belts that ran across his chest held shot glasses and not bullets and finally he told us about corrective exercises.

-Yes, corrective exercises.

The Office Rambo's Top 5 Corrective Exercises:

1. Wall Slides

How To Do It

Standing with your upper back and butt against a wall, walk your feet out a couple of small steps away from the wall. Lift your arms up so that your upper arm is parallel to the ground and your lower arm is perpendicular, with the elbows and hands pressing into the wall behind you.
From the starting position, try to pull your elbows back into the wall and down and squeeze your back.  Perform 2 sets of 10 reps everyday!  These are courtesy of Eric Cressey.

2.  Super Couch Stretch

A few tips:

1. make sure you activate your  muscles as apposed to "hanging out" on the joint.
2.  on a pain scale of 1-10 make it about an 8.  You should able to tolerate the pain.
3.  If something starts to go numb... stop.
4. Perform for 90sec on each leg

3. Seated 90/90 or "The Executive"

A few tips:

1. Stay tall!
2.  Don't press down too hard.  You should feel this on the outsides of your hips and not a separating style pressure in your knees.
3.  Do this stretch for 20-30 seconds as many times as you can!  Especially if you sit in chair all day!

4. Door Way stretch or "Jack the Ripper"

To do it, find a doorway, and put your arms on both sides of the frame at roughly 90 degrees each. Make sure your upper arms stay on the doorway the entire time. Now, simply lean forward, keeping your chest high and chin up. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 min.

5. Glute Bridge 


Squeeze your butt the entire time.  Lightly touch the floor and immediately lift your hips again. Hold at the top of the movement for 2 seconds.  Do at least 3 sets of 10 reps.  Remember hold at the top!

Well there you have it folks.  The office Rambo top 5 corrective exercises.  

Take away points from this:

1. Perform these every day!  You will thank me later if you do

2.  YOU MUST make mobility and corrective exercises a part of your daily routine.  If you do not, you will be hunted down by the Office Rambo!!  But seriously, professional athletes do them all the time... why shouldn't we?

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