Friday, January 25, 2013


Are you Committed?


At some place along your fitness journey, friends, family, coworkers, television, the doctor will all tell you what you are doing is wrong.

"A low carb diet will stress your body too much and you won't lose weight.  I read it on the internet."

"High carb is for runners and you aren't running enough.  I heard it on the radio yesterday."

"You know if you just walk for an hour a day you'll lose weight.  I saw that on the headline of Oprah's Magazine."

"Why do you go to the gym all the time if all it does is make you sore?  I can get sore doing an exercise tape in my garage."

You have all heard these comments.  These comments might actually be coming from a place of concern or even a place of love.  The person who is telling you this might actually have your best intentions at heart.  But guys and gals we all have to agree that if you listen to all of the stories, data, reports, out there... you will get nowhere.  You will get nowhere because you will spend too much time starting over on new things instead of plowing ahead.  At Versus we read the data, we read the articles, we read and listen to the stories so you don't have to.  We don't want you to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  We want you to put on your blinders, hitch up the the fitness wagon and pull that sucker to California.  You've taken the first step by joining our community... now comes the second step: Commitment.  The video below is the ultimate display of commitment.  To me, a commitment is a promise.  I want to reassure you as clients, we are committed to you as trainers.

Ask yourself this: Could you do this? Is your life really "that" hard? Are you giving excuses to get you out of a little discomfort?

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