Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Job Andee!

Andee Kelly
I wanted to give a shout out to Andee.  She is a client in one of my evening classes.   Recently Andee decided to really buckle down and focus on losing a stubborn 10lbs.  Well, she has been working hard from early July to October 21st.    The stubborn 10lbs is now gone and she added an extra 8lbs to boot.   A total of 18 lbs of weight loss!

Awesome job Andee!! I asked here what her keys to success were and she said,

"My Mom and Stevo are definitely my motivation! I couldn't have done this without them! I think what made the biggest difference was my consistency in the gym.  Being sooo out of shape was a motivator as well.  I wanted to get in better shape."

Congrats Andee! Keep up the hard work! If you want to workout along side some motivated folks come give us a try! We have openings in all of our classes!

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