Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 for 1

Looks like "Happy Hour" was a hit...  a full parking lot, people walking 200yards to get in the building, and standing room only in the gym.  I think that is why I am going to name all of the work outs from here on out after drink names, specials, etc...

If you have not signed up for a class time in the after noon and have been coming as you please... well partners... you need to sign up for a class time and stick to it as much as possible.  You saw today how many members we have.  In the past 2 days we have had over 140 people come through the gym and DOMINATE the work outs.  So get on the same page with all your other cohorts and sign up for a class.  Class times make everything "Awesomer".

Here is a LINK to an article Michael had over on his blog.  Very Very Good stuff in the article.

Interesting tidbit:  People consistently say they do not have enough money to join a gym.  However,  their fast food bill, on average, exceeds a monthly gym membership.  Good bye KFC.  Hello good health.

You regular readers of the blog:  If you know anyone that needs to make a change in their life, but thinks Versus is "too much" for them 1.  First tell them they gotta start some where.  2.  Tell them we have FREE workouts on saturdays.  3.  Tell them we have a SPRING BOOT CAMP COMING UP!  Help build our community.

Sorry for the randomness...

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