Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you Limitless?

Kellar and I just finished watching the movie Limitless.  Call me a geek or what not, but I always try to some how find a way to relate EVERYTHING to fitness and our gym.

If you haven't seen the movie: it was fun.  It reminded me of the movie "phenomenon" with John Travolta.  In short, the main character starts taking these pills that make him, "limitless".  Here is a trailer:

I am passionate as all get out about fitness and our gym and my hope is that our gym makes you: limitless, accomplished, a finisher, faster, stronger, unafraid, an achiever, a conqueror, a survivor, determined, dedicated, disciplined, confident.

Know your limits but never, never accept them! 

Workout: 5 pull up, 10 push up, 15 squat, 1 clean & jerk

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