Monday, March 28, 2011


warm up: body weight drills x 3 in sets of 10.

str: 4x8 DB bench press

Workout: 20-10 of

run or row
jump or air squat
push up or ring push up
sit up
pull up
then run 800-400m

I know we all have excuses some times.  At the very moment we shell out those excuses we begin to validate them with some type of nonsense: I was tired, my feet hurt, its monday, i didn't sleep enough, its tuesday, i didn't bring my shoes with me,  I had work today, its wednesday, I can't do that, I don't like to run, I don't like to row, its thursday... the list could go on and on.  I use some of those excuses and I even come up with more creative ones from time to time.  The one I use a lot right now is: I'm stressed.  My situation in life and the circumstances I have been dealt are nothing in comparison to what this young man faces on a daily basis.  When you watch this video let it inspire you.  Don't look at the 8min time limit and make an excuse not to watch it. 

The following video is about Brock Mealer.  He was injured in a serious accident.  Doctors told him he had a 1% chance of ever walking again.  This story helps put our own bumps and bruises into perspective.

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