Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Big and be somebody!

How big do you want to be when you grow up?  Here is a workout from Gym Jones that will help you along your way:

Location:   Gym Jones
Workout Type:   Strength Endurance, Power, Power Endurance
Description:   Workout:
"Get Big and Be Somebody":
100x Pull-up +
100x Bench Press @ 225# +
100x Back Squat @ 225# +
100x Deadlift @ 225# +
100x Hand Stand Push-up

Its amazing the amount of clarity you'll gain when you hop out from behind your computer desk and challenge yourself.  Oh and exercise improves brain function!  So get out from behind your ipod, ipad, macbook, iMac, iLife and get moving!

To start the week we did a nasty little work out:

STR: Kettle Bell front squat and reverse lunge combo

21-15-9 of wall ball, pull up, thruster, kbs and box jump

Today we'll visit a rowing/riding interval.

I'd like to recognize Wes Crider for improving BIG TIME on the above listed 21-15-9 workout.  Last time he did it (Jan 22nd) it took him 27min.  This go round... 16 and some change.  Great job dude!

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