Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you guys haven't heard, we are all attending the alumni house tonight to watch the UFC Fight. Anyone is welcome! Come one and come all!

**Week Update**

This week was very challenging. Everyone, and I mean everyone brought their "A" game this week. In the 9am class, we had a few girls get their first kipping pull ups!

Sarah Courtney did 30 kipping pull ups in a workout. The week prior, she was in the purple band only dreaming of kipping away to pull up freedom!

Grant represented the 6am group by adding 20lbs to his best dead lift. Not only did he add weight he completed 55 reps with this new dead lift weight!

Paula and Anna had an awesome work out this week, where they finished within 1 second of each other. It was awesome!

If all of you keep up the hard work, pair it with the diet we keep harping on you will get the results you want! Awesome WEEK!

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