Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Again, many people brought the wood on the sprint work out tonight. I am really impressed.

Thought this top ten list was funny but also true:

Apr 27

Written by: Charles Poliquin
4/27/2010 8:26 PM

1. They do spinning classes.

2. They have Kashi for breakfast with skim milk for breakfast.

3. They go for coffee after training.

4. They follow a low fat diet, especially avoiding saturated fats.

5. They consume soy products.

6. They eat bagels because they are low fat. So is gasoline.

7. They don’t make time for themselves. Here is the best fat loss tip for women: take a week off just for you, no boyfriend/partner/husband and no kids.

8. They consume grains.

9. They use beauty products loaded with harmful chemicals such as parabenes.

10. They don’t follow the axiom: You are your schedule.

Does this guy have a point or is he off his rocker?

Location: The Palace

warm up: 2 rounds of run 200m, 5 air squat, 5 jump squat, 5 split jumps(pr leg), 5 pull up, 5 push up, 10 sit up, 10 back ext

Str: 5x5 power snatch, subject to change based on who you are and what class you attend.

Workout: 2omin amrap

500m row or 400m run
30 db snatch 15 per arm
15 ring dip

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