Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Thursday: 5 rft of

5 hspu
20 box jump
10 dumbbell snatch (5 per arm)

Friday: What a beautiful day!!!

STR: 3x10 weighted ring dips

4 rounds

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M=75lb/W=55lb)
20 Burpee
200m Run

Mark Rippetoe on Strength Training:

"First thing we need to get out of the way: strength is the basis of athletic ability. If you are a good athlete, you are stronger than a less-good athlete. If you want to be a better athlete, you get stronger. If you are already very strong, there is room in your training for the development of other aspects of performance. But there is a very high likelihood that you are not that strong, since most people are not. You may think you’re very strong, but really, you know you could get stronger, don’t you? Sure you do. You may have convinced everybody else that you’re strong enough; you may even be convinced of this yourself. This is not productive, because if you can get stronger you should do so, and a lack of strength may be why you’re not performing as well as you know you should be. If your progress is stuck, and has been for a while, get stronger and see what happens. It works every time, and this is why I know it’s true.

You say you’re a runner, and that you don’t need to be strong. Get stronger and see what happens to your times. Or you’re a tennis player: get stronger and watch your game improve. Even in sports not usually associated with strength display, the stronger athletes are the better athletes. You may not like it because it makes your carefully cultivated Bosu-ball and wobbleboard “functional” training skill set less valuable, but any athlete that trains a simple barbell strength program and improves his squat, press, and deadlift will become better at his sport than you can make him with alternate 3 lb. dumbbell seated Swiss-ball presses."

Next week we will start another strength cycle! Please try to remember to write down,black berry yourself, email or whatever the numbers you push, pull etc in the next few weeks. Happy WEEKEND!

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Noffke3000 said...

...on the db snatch, do you return the dumbbell to the floor on each rep? been hitting up some of your workouts from up here in Huntsville, but I have to work around soccer games so I'm usually behind

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