Monday, April 19, 2010


JP. Welcome back man! Glad to have you back even if its only for a week!

Warm up: 20 ring rows, 20 pvc pass thru, 20 kb clean and jerk (10 per arm), 20 kb snatch (10 per), 20 band pulls, 2o back extension, 20 situps, hip mobility x10.


**6 rounds**

3 push jerk, rest 1 min
10 pull up, rest 1 min

Take your time during this workout. During the pull up section feel free to use a variation of grips and or styles ie- L pull up, weighted pull up, towel pull up, chin up, dead hang, chest to bar, butter fly, etc...


4 rounds

10 heavy 1 arm db snatch (5 per)
rest 1-2min
15 unbroken k2e

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