Sunday, November 15, 2009


So Randy won a decision and the saints are 9-0. There is another UFC fight coming up and if you guys want to get together to watch it let me know, because I will gladly volunteer Marc's house and tv! This week will be our third week of our strength program. We will run this cycle for 2 more months.

At the end of the two month period we will re-test our 1rm using the crossfit total.

This time of year brings very unique circumstances/excuses. Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years are single days that turn into weeks of gluttony. We take time out of schedules to visit family, buy gifts, hunt, etc and usually forget about the healthy lifestyle we have been leading. Why is this?

Nationwide, gym attendance, not membership, will be lower than the rest of the year. AND then WHAM!! January 1st piggy backs in with new years resolutions... We all know how seriously we take our resolutions. So why take so much time off? I can understand and might even support taking a week off if you are suffering burnout or an injury. However I have never understood bailing on fitness for weeks or in this case months at a time. By taking that much time off, you are digging a mighty big hole to come out of. Don't be that guy or gal.

Also, please don't be the person that blames the program you follow. P-90x didn't work for me, Crossfit sucks, Gym Jones is stupid, 8min abs did nothing for me... Man up or woman up and point the finger where it needs to be pointed. If you stick with something, anything for that matter, you will see results. Ex- breathing, you breathe you live, you don't, well you die. Example: Versus, you come here 4-5 times a week, workout, follow our nutrition advice and I can promise you, you will get the results you are looking for. Finish what you start! Remember, you can results or excuses not both. So what's it going to be? Bound by nothing or bound by your excuses?

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