Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Off day from strength

Warm up: BB complex
shoulder press 5 reps
hang clean 5 reps
hang squat clean 5 reps
push jerk 5 reps
push up 5 reps

Do three rounds of complex: 45, 65, 95

Skill: Hang Clean 5x5. If you feel sluggish, worn out, burnt, tired, etc... work more on technique. If you are feeling up to the hang clean, feel free to lift relatively heavy. Stick strictly to 5 reps no overages please.

WOD: Cindy

20min AMRAP of
5 pullup
10 push up
15 squats

Today is the day you need to weigh in and take a before and after photo. If you want to participate but do not attend the gym, please send me and an email @

Anyone wanna PR this old named WOD? Over 30 rounds anyone?

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Unknown said...

Well, I at least tied my PR on Cindy, so I don't feel too bad. Here is how I fared with this workout.

w/u - completed as rx
skill - 5x5 hang clean - 95-95-115-115-115/135
WOD - 16 rounds Cindy as everyone in globo gym wondered what the hell I was doing. Freakin pullup rack swinging all over with every kip. Gotta get the dolphin going if I'm gonna beat 16. 30's is nuts.

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