Tuesday, November 3, 2009

late post due to a bum wheel.

Sorry again for late post, I busted my ankle at the gym, um, trying to save a baby from a lion that escaped the zoo.

Warm up: For some reason, people had a huge problem with the warm up... it took, tops, 7minutes. 25kbs, 10 pull ups, 1 sprint of 30m, 20 lunges, 20 leg swings, 10 of each: pvc deadlift, overhead squat, thrusters, sprint again, 10 jumping squats then one more sprint. JP, if you are reading this, the next warm up will be worse...way worse, like you may wanna leave your helmet on while you do it. jk.

Strength work: 3x5 dead lift. Take 90% of your 5 rep max, then take 90% of that number. For example my 5 rep max is 315. 90% of that is 283. Now take 90% of 283. Which is 255! Now that the math is done start lifting! my sets looked like this

Warm up Dead lift: 8 reps @135, 5 reps 185, 5 reps 205. WORK SETS: 5 reps 255, 5 reps 260, on the last set of this program do as many reps as possible in the last set. 260 10 reps... Perhaps i need to go up in weight to stay closer to 5reps.

Immediately following the strength portion follow it up with 2 sets of max dips.

WOD 5 rounds of

7 thruster 65#, 75#, 95#
7 deadlift use 50-60% of 1rm from the crossfit total. If that is too heavy, scale it!
10 knee to elbow

If you want to follow the basic outline for the zone diet google CrossFit journal article 21. Also, look up Robb Wolf's 42 ways to skin the zone article, i think its like 4$. Everyone that wants to compete will need to weigh in tomorrow. Some businesses in the hattiesburg area have stepped up and added some prizes. Also, Mary had a great IDEA! If you remember you numbers from the crossfit total, write them down now. we will be testing again an whomever has the best improvement will also win some dope prizes! Yes I said dope. Rules for the TOTAL challenge will be posted soon along with the dates and time lines.

Someone asked me today, "How can you have a diet challenge and a weight loss challenge going on at the same time?" If you put great food in your body should respond with great performance. It is possible to lose BAD weight while increasing overall strength.

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