Thursday, November 12, 2009


Warm up: run 400m and then take 10min to actively stretch. Do heel to hand mountain climbers, double feet mountain climbers, hydrants, hip flexor stretches, pigeon. Then perform 3x10 back ext.

STR: shoulder press- 3x3 use 85-90% of 1rm. Last set do amrap.

WOD: 5 rounds of

8 hang power clean
15 push up
8 chest 2 bar pull up.

Core: 50 back ext or goodmorning and 50 reps of ab movement of your choice.

Chris- all this can be done with dumbbells. Skip the goodmornings due to the hammy.

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Unknown said...

Sorry for the late post, but just got back to be able to do this WOD. I always like me some hang power cleans. Got some great looks as always toting the bar all the way down the hall into the room with the pullup bar at globo-gym. Used 115# on the shoulder press and did 95# on the HPC. Stretching was good for the hammy, I think its getting better.

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