Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So today was a hard workout.  Again it was HOT.  Anyone noticing a trend?

All of our workouts carry some level of difficulty.  Heck, if you ran in place as fast as you could for 20min it would be hard, then add 95-100 degrees to that... sweat fest.  With that said, prepare yourself mentally for a challenge during these summer months.  We aren't only interested in helping you achieve your physical, " i wanna look good in the mirror" goals.  We are also interested in helping you develop metal toughness.  If you want to quit in a work out, we motivate you to keep going, to get one more rep, to finish what you started.  If you want to quit in a situation in life, or take the easy way out, maybe, just maybe you'll hear the echos of the folks at the gym telling you, "come on you got this, one more rep, don't quit, you are almost done, its so worth it, keep pushing..."

If you don't complain, give something your best shot and truly give an honest effort, I SWEAR no matter what the outcome, you will be satisfied.  Michael and I always paraphrases Douglas MacArthur by saying, " The body is capable of amazing things.  The human body is awesome, God made a true machine.  The mind is weak and feeble and will quit way before the body does.  The body will not tire if the mind isn't tired.  Give your body a chance to fulfill its potential!  Tell the mind to get out of the way."  

Being physically fit is inspiring, feels good, enriches your life, and adds both years to your life, and life to your years. People that are fit seem to have a clearer, more optimistic view of life.

What will you choose tomorrow?  Fit?  Or a day on the couch?

Workout: 6min amrap of 20 lateral hops and 15 kbs.  Highest total- 8 rounds
rest 1min

6min amrap of : 5 burpee and 7 kb front squat.  Highest total- 7 rounds

rest 2min

7min time limit: 75 jumping pull up, 50 air squats, 800m run.  6:42

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