Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Monday

Welcome the beginning of a new week!

Some announcements:  The Crossfit games are LIVE on the Internet this weekend, feel free to watch them and be amazed at what some of these athletes can do.  Also, the Tour de France is on and supposedly its Lance Armstrong's last tour.  If you wanna watch some history, TUNE IN!

OUR BOOT CAMPS ARE COMING BACK!  If you or your friends are interested in more cardio oriented workouts, our Boot Camps are for you.  Results are not guaranteed... They are Earned.  More info to come!

Futhermore, I can not tell you how proud I am of all our Versus Clients!  You guys and gals are tearing it up!  Our community is growing slowly but surely and as it grows we are saying hello to more and more KILLER clients!  Competition is getting fierce in our afternoon groups... better competition = better results.  Don't be afraid to push hard and try to keep up with someone that might be a little faster, stronger or whatever... I'm Not Afraid!

Str: back squat 5,3,amrap

workout: 7 rounds of

7 thrusters (heavy)
run 200m

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