Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Food for thought.

I had intentions of making a post last night... but... I fell asleep.

Workout from yesterday:

we ran a few 400m repeats rested as needed between,

amrap: 12min of 5 hspu, 7 snatches@95 and 10 box jumps.  ouch.

The workout today will be a choice of a recovery workout or a 5-10min triplet.  The morning did the triple followed by Tabata situps.  After the workout was over, as we always do, we sat around and talked a little about everything.  However, the main topic of today was diet.  Most articles, websites, etc, give you basic guidelines of what to eat, when to eat it and give you an ingredients list.  In my experience most of the ingredients are weird, the meat or fish is something you've never heard of and then... its broiled, blackened, sauteed, or whatever.  The magazine diets are so overwhelming to me so I searched for something easy.  I found the Zone diet.  It requires you to weigh and measure everything... Next.  Then I found the Paleo diet.  Score.  If you are looking for simplicity then consider this it.  I do not strict paleo whatsoever.  Think about what a caveman would have eaten and that would be strict paleo.  Now the modern day caveman rides in a car, sleeps in a bed and has HDTV.  So the diet I follow is based loosely around a paleo diet.  What follows is what I tend to eat on a daily basis.

***Now remember this is what works for me.  I busted my ass in the beginning (Starting weight 225lbs) and made it through the first 20lbs kicking and screaming.  What I do now keeps me sane and still allows me to have fun here and there.  So with saying all this,  I do not advocate this for anyone else.  So if you die from doing this, its your fault, not mine.***

Breakfast: 3-4 whole eggs, 2 pieces of bacon (turkey bacon or the real stuff, depends on what we have), bottle of water.  This meal usually happens around 7:30am

Snack: usually one of these- a paleo kit (google them, i have the 200 calorie variety) or 5 pieces of deli turkey meat with some almonds or fruit, really depends what is in the fridge, or maybe a few a packaged of beef jerky with some water.  usually around 10am of 11am

Lunch: Could be a salad from subway (always grilled chicken), Salad from caliente grille (always half chicken, half steak, black beans, pico, corn and guac), leftovers from dinner the night before, or anything that is Meat and Veggie.

snack: I try to get this one in, but its hard.  If i do get it in its another paleo kit, an ostrim stick (ostrich jerky, i can order you some if you want them) a 15g supreme protein bar and always some water

Dinner: Meat and Veggie based again.  Honestly, most of the time it is just a meat: chili, taco meat, grilled chicken, chicken sausage, can of green beans, another salad, grilled steak and peppers, Caliente salad.

Late night: If i am starving I eat one of two things: deli turkey meat or a table spoon of peanut butter.

That's it.  I know other folks eat differently and have great results, but like I said earlier this is what works for me.

Here is a sample of what Jay Cutler eats on a daily basis
09:30 AM Meal 1:   20 eggwhites with 1 yolk and 2 servings of grits with almonds and raisins
10:00 AM Pre-workout: 1 serving of Nano Vapor
10:30 AM Workout:  Sip Intravol during the workout
12:30 AM Meal 2:  12 oz steak with 1 1/2 cups of white rice and onions
3:00 PM Meal 3: 12 oz Eat to Grow chicken breast with 8 oz red potatoes
5:00 PM Meal 4:  12 oz Eat to Grow ground bison with pasta
7:30 PM Meal 5: 12 oz Eat to Grow chicken breast with 8 oz red potatoes and some almonds
10:00 PM Meal 6: 12 oz Eat to Grow chicken breast with 1 1/2 cups of white rice then 11:55 PM Meal 7: 12 oz Eat to Grow filet with 8 oz red potatoes

whose food selection is this?
Seems to work for the 14 time Olympic Gold medalist!

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