Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Partly cloudy with a chance of overhead squats


As I type this, I can hear thunder booming outside.  A buddy of mine jokingly referred to any type of thunder, whether it be near or far as a "Thunder Boomer."  Well, as the thunder rolls (I love you Garth) I am hoping the rain holds off so we can get some running done during the workout this evening.

Speaking of running, I hope all of you know that we have about 6-8 people from the gym that are participating in the upcoming Might Magnolia sprint triathlon.  If anyone is interested in getting a team together, let us know and we'll help in anyway possible! 

Versus Members, I write this next paragraph with a solemn heart.  The ever lovable Jay-Rod (Jared Cobb) will be leaving us this week.  If you haven't met J-Rod, let me tell ya, you are missing out.  In his words, he is a guy that is "serious" and a guy that "likes to have fun".  He has been a consistent member of the gym (3pm group) for almost our whole first year.  Jared, thanks for your dedication, and hard work.  I hope we were able to give you the results you were after.

Workout: 20min time limit

run 1.5 miles, for the remainder of the time perform overhead squats (75m, 55f).  There is a catch, every time the bar comes down from the over head position you must perform 3 burpees. 

God Speed.

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