Monday, July 26, 2010

Roll an 8

Tabata 8 rounds!

We had an amazing turnout today!  Everyone nailed the workout with tons of intensity!  Shout outs: JaYmes, for coming back to the gym after being locked out of her house and having a bad day.  Way to go girl!  It was also good to see Whitney back in the gym!  Brie, girl you did an amazing job todaay!  Keep it up!  Everyone killed the 400m run at the end.  I was very proud of everyone today!

str: deadlift and push up

workout: Tabata
bottom 2 bottom
box jump
max effort 400m run

mcdonalds fruit smoothieMcDonald's McCafe Smoothies:  DO NOT EAT THEM AT ALL!  310 calories and over 50 grams of sugar. 

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The Metz Family said...

i believe it was a valid quesion cause they are false advertising!!!!!! thanks for the info. i dont know what id do without you.

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