Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Warm up: tabata run, 3 rounds: 5 hspu, 10 wall squat, 15 box jump

Str: bench press of shoulder press

workout: 21-15-9 of push press and kbs

M: 135 & 70
F: 85 & 55

buy in: 15 man makers

*scale as needed

A friend of mine and I were talking the last week about, "life". Everything from high school memories to our futures were discussed in between our dead lift reps. He brought up a concept during our conversation that never really crossed my mind. ..."I mean dude, you gotta view your life as a story. Every day you are writing a page of that story. Will it be interesting to read one day?"


This conversation sent me for a loop, not at the time but days later. Really, it had never crossed my mind to view life in this way... The first feeling I had was FEAR. Was I writing a good story? Would it be on the New York Times best seller list, or would it never make it to the printing press? I was filled with doubt and doubt my friends is EVIL!

However, after thinking about it for a few days my perspective changed. What an AWESOME opportunity!! I mean seriously. You are in charge of writing your life story! Instead of being depressed and scared about my story, I was PUMPED! Here is a list of a few things I was excited about concerning this topic plus the bridge.

1. Challenge yourself. Who wants to live life always taking the easy way out? Not a great story
2. Try new things. Tough Mudder competition anyone? 5K? Triathlon? Ironman? Great read!
3. Be positive. Life is tough. We know this. Why not throw it a curve ball? Who wants to read about someone that always says, "I can't."
4. Conquer. Why choose to fail, when success is an option?
5. Dream BIG! Anything you set your mind to is obtainable. Remember, your past doesn't define you. The present does!

Now its time for the so much cheese you'll be mousified!

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