Monday, June 28, 2010


Warm up: run 200m, hip mob, squats, lunges, leg swings, jumping jacks

str: back squat, 3x5

workout: 3 rounds of

run 400m
21 kbs
12 pull up

Everyone did very well on this work out!  Most everyone set a new personal record while doing this workout... very proud papa!  Hunter nailed his first muscle up today... on his second try.  I hate you.

Here is a video of one bad dude.  This is James Fitzgerald, OPT, out of Canada.  His background is in semi professional soccer i think, or some really high level of soccer.  Dude is SIC FIT!  Check out this performance and get inspired.  Also, current CrossFit games champion and resident bad ass Miko Salo did Fat Helen (chest to bar pull ups, and 70lbs kbs) in 7:49... Gross.

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