Sunday, December 6, 2009


We are approaching a new year and with that new year will come excitement and new beginnings. Hopefully, I will have the Versus Strength and Conditioning Site up and running. Hopefully, I will have the gym completed to my expectations as well. Also, The workout template will change a little because we are diving a little deeper into a strength cycle. The heart pounding cardio will not totally vanish, but I have noticed that the majority of our ATHLETES need some assistance work to go along with their core strength lifts. So the assistance work will take precedent over the extended cardio sessions... for now.

I spoke briefly with Tyler Smith this weekend and we managed to get a few words in about training between his double unders. He is currently following OPT's training template and is seeing HUGE success with it. The OPT template is not always a "ball's to the wall" approach all the time. If you consider CrossFit to be a sport, which most of the "community" does, believe me, there are specific ways to train for sport. OPT as well as many other trainers that are 10x's smarter and more successful than I am believe that following just the main crossfit page is not enough to win the title of "the world's most fittest man or woman". I am with them. So if you come to the gym and notice some changes on the white board, don't be alarmed!!!

Also, I wanted to give a huge shout out to JP. Dude... you are a screaming example of what can happen if you really want to change your lifestyle. Really proud of you man. I read the Gym Jones site everyday and saw that Chad Pittman received his BJJ Black Belt. If you see him, shake his hand because getting a black belt under Pedro Sauer is an amazing achievement.  Congrats Chad, respect is given when it is due.  If you lose 300lbs or obtain a black belt in your lifetime, I think that is an achievement worthy of anyones respect.  So predication or cliche aside... Good job.

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