Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Monday:   the strength portion was deadlift 3x5 and the wod was: 5 push up, 7 k2e and 9 kbs AMRAP for 15min.

Tuesday:  Warm up: 3rounds of 5 push up, 5 kipping pull up, 5 shoulder press with 45# bar. Then make an attempt at new PR for dead hang pull ups.  Reverse hypers and ghd hip extension and back extension should be done as well.

Str: 3x5 shoulder press

Wod:  1min of thruster 95/55lbs, 1 min of pull ups, 1min of burpee box jumps, rest 1min repeat for a total of three rounds.

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Unknown said...

Monday WOD: 13 rounds with 1 pood KB

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