Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wednesday i think.

One of the guys on the Biggest Loser TV show ran a 21min 5k. Please, please, please don't complain to me about running because I will respond with, "I do not care." It is a well known fact that I hate running. However, since watching Orange team dude run a 21min 5k, I have decided to shut my pie hole and just beat feet.

So any of you reading this, let all of your friends know that we will be holding a summer camp for younger kids during June and July. Details to follow!

Crawfish Boil the 22nd! If you are interested let me know if you can attend please!

Back to the running thing... If you are one of our clients that attends the gym 3days a week, do not be afraid to go out and run/walk the other 2 days you are not in the gym.

Workout: 5 rounds
200m run
15 ohs
12 pull up

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The Metz Family said...

im so excited about the summer camp. if anyone needs to know how great yall are with the kiddos just tell them to ask me. zach LOVES yall. and about the running....ill try.

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