Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hard work pays off

So how do you improve on a 405lb deadlift? You make it a 435. What about a 225 deadlift? Make it 265.

Everyone improved on their max effort lifts today. It was fun to watch. Strong people are more useful than weak people. Be a strong person!

we warmed up with a 1500m row and then found a max in either DL, SP, or BS.

workout: 5 rounds
10 db cleans
10 db over head walking lunge
10 db thruster
Same weight used throughout. F:20 M: 35

What is your motivation? Do you want to lose some unwanted pounds? Get in better shape? Get stronger?

Most of what I listed are physical qualities. However to achieve these physical qualities usually you have got to get over a laundry list of mental road blocks.

Let me give you a few examples:

Sometimes I will spend 15min looking for the remote to the television to turn it on. I could easily walk up to the tv and turn it on but dude, i gotta find that remote because that means I would have to get up. So Kellar walks into the room and ask me, "why are you watching TLC's a baby story." I have no reply. Really not a good example of a mental road block but I think its funny.
  1. We blame others. Sometimes people except what has been said about them by others. It is much easier to accept something than it is to challenge it. Will you always be the person that lives in the past? Or will you choose to seize the day and try something new or different? Break the mold, nuke the last life boat and don't be scared to step out into new territory.
  2. Don't blame circumstances. There are many folks that have gone before us in this life and let me promise you they have had it harder than we have. However, they didn't let circumstances stand in their way. I could list examples but this post would turn into a novel.
  3. Blaming yourself. If you think you can't learn or do something new... Give me a break. The only way you can't learn/try something new is if you are dead or in a medically induced coma. What you may have mastered is laziness or being scared.
  4. "I can't." Number 4 is dedicated to the most used mental road block of all time. I CAN'T. Horse Shit. In most cases, “I can’t” really means “I won’t.” Barring physical inability because of health limitations or mental ability do to mental limitations most people with sustained effort can do anything. The "I can't rant" is HUGE in my book. If you learn to silence that voice, you gain control over your thought patterns and ultimately your life. Be brave. Be strong. Be someone that will!
  5. Whats the use in trying? Everyone is better than me! So what? Are you doing it for them or for you? If you are doing it for yourself, it matters little if you are accomplishing something at lightening speed or at a snail’s pace. Why compare yourself to others and use this as an excuse to become discouraged? (For example, some people inhale and exhale at a faster rate. Would you use this as an excuse to hold your breath? Hardly.) And there will always be someone who does something better than you do. Will you use this as an excuse to prevent you from achieving at your own level? If you do, you only short-change yourself.
The quality of your life is determined in large part by YOUR thoughts followed by YOUR actions. I WILL!

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