Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not for time.

So yesterday we did a workout that consisted of 150 wallballs, 150 box jumps and 2000m of running... LOTS OF WORK going on there.  So how do we approach the next training session?  This is just me thinking here, but sometimes I can not stand doing high paced, intense metabolic conditioning workouts followed by the same dang thing again (burn out!).  Doesn't seem smart or fun.  I like doing smart fun things... so i choose not to put those types of workouts back to back all the time.  I hear ya peanut gallery...

---What about triathletes or marathon runners that wake up at 5am and ride 40miles, take a lunch break and run 5k, and then hit the pool at 7pm?  Those guys are super in shape!  Yes they can swim, bike, run, but can they do pull ups?  Can they dead lift their body?  Can they perform the Snatch with any type of significant load?  Can they survive one of our sprint workouts?  The average marathon runner can not jump on a 12 inch box.  I see that as a problem.  I also see tons of overuse injuries from these endurance athletes.  "Hey I ran a half this weekend and now my knee hurts.  What do you think?"  I think you just pounded your knees and ankles and feet into the concrete for 13.1 miles.  What else do you want me to say?  Am I hating on the endurance athlete?  Maybe a little.  In my opinion, it is just too specialized, but if you want to specialize we can accommodate you!  Echoing what i have said before... there are smarter ways to train.  Insert shameless evidence supporting article-->

The dude on the left looks like his leg is about to snap at any moment.  The dude on the right looks like he could snap your leg at any moment.  Both are specialized athletes, but for being fit don't you think that somewhere in the middle is perfect?

Wod: Not for time

5 rounds of 7 shoulder press @ 60-70% max, 10 situp, 20 v twist

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