Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tomorrow is Tank Top Friday!  You must wear a tank top to the gym to compete or participate in the WOD!  Spread the Word.

The WOD will be revealed when you get to the gym.  The only hint will be:  It is team oriented!


If you are one of my out of towners do this:

Run 2min on tread,  12 heavy bench press, run 2min, 12 heavy back squat. rest 3min  Repeat 3rounds.

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Jason Odom said...

Hey Steve, its Jason from FFT. Tyler said you know someone who can make jump boxes for a good price. I am going to be home in about 5-6 weeks. And starting to collect equipment for my box. First stop, Camp Shelby. Wondering if I could get in touch with the box man and place an order? Appreciate any info I could get.


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