Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been meaning to post something about this topic for a long time.  The majority of the girls in the world think when you lift weights, whether they be heavy or light or whatever, you get HUGE, RIPPED, HULK-ISH.  Quite the contrary.  

Do women have the ability to be the size of a building?  Yes.  We see it on the biggest loser every Tuesday night.  Can women look like the Hulk?  Yes.  With the help of steroids and other supplementation women do have the ability to get HUGE.  However it will take quite a while to get MASSIVE!

I wanted to post this picture of two girls that currently attend our gym.  On the "Left" is my girlfriend Kellar.  She did a mixture or CrossFit, Bodybuilding, LSD(long slow distance) and STRICT dieting to achieve those results!  Might I add it took her two years to get so... HUGE?  When she did lift weights, she lifted heavy to add muscle... and let me tell you, she looks like the hulk in this picture, tipping the scales at a massive 118-119lbs.  She also over head squated 115# x 2 at her nasty gargantuan weight of 118 (you look awesome baby!)

The lady on the right hand side of the picture is Brandi Ginn.  She followed a similar regimen of BB, CF and LSD.  She also lifted heavy weight to add muscle to her frame and she dieted just as hard as Kellar.  In my opinion she looks so "bulky" and "huge" she definitely should not have lifted a weight right?  I recall her dead lifting somewhere in the neighborhood of 165lbs while training for this show. 

The point of this post is to assure you that weightlifting for females is beneficial.  If you don't believe me do some research. Here are "some" of the benefits:
  • Less Fat. More muscles, decreased body fat at the same bodyweight.
  • Balanced Physique. Many women are skinny in the upperbody & bulky in their legs. Strength training will balance your physique.
  • Increased Bone Density. Lifting weights prevents osteoporosis.
  • Blood Circulation. Helps combat cellulites on thighs & glutes.
  • More strength. Pregnancy, holding baby, householdery,… gets easier.
  • Fun. Women really like sports from my experience, especially when they have fun while getting results.
  • Physical Activity. Whether it is strength training or something else: you need physical activity to stay “sane”.

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JP said...

Um. I'm only smiling at and keeping a safe distance from these ladies from now on.

Brandi said...

2 corrections:
1.Your girlfriend Kellar is on the LEFT.
2.My max deadlift was 185...although I couldn't do it now if I tried! LOL, Gotta get there again!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I wish I could carry this around and show it to the girls I work with... "See what happens when you lift weights!!!!" Good stuff...

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